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Home Remedies for Weight Loss

There are many reasons which can cause unintended weight gain, home remedies for weight loss can keep most of the reasons in check and can control ill effects of certain medical conditions too which also cause weight gain. Person gains weight when he or she consumes more calories than what he or she can burn. A healthy balance between calorie intake and calorie burn has to be maintained for maintaining healthy weight. There are many reasons which can disturb this balance. Aging, slow metabolism, lethargic lifestyle, inactive lifestyle, improper diet, irregular eating and sleeping pattern, medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, genetic factors and hormonal imbalances all can cause weight gain by reducing calorie burn.

Excess body weight is a cause of many disorders and ailment in the body like weak heart, diabetes and arthritis which can be troublesome and even life threatening. Home remedies for weight loss helps a person in keeping the weight within healthy limits without much of effort and without any side effects. Home remedies for weight loss are equally beneficial for males and females and suitable for a person of any age and can be beneficial even in the case of medical conditions which cause weight gain as side effect.

BMI is the standard method of finding out that whether a person is obese or not. BMI is calculated taking weight, height and age of a person in consideration and is medically accepted method for knowing person’s physical fitness. Apart from BMI, fatigue, reducing stamina, lack of interest in physical activities like playing or walking and change in sleeping pattern are few commonly seen symptoms of weight gain. Person experiencing these symptoms shall check weight and can opt for home remedies for weight loss to stop gaining weight and reduce it down to healthy limits for sound health. Women experience weight gain during or after pregnancy and during pre-menopause, home remedies for weight loss are effective in controlling weight even due to these reasons to prevent deterioration of health.

Take at least three cups of green tea everyday. Green tea is very beneficial in controlling weight as it helps in excreting toxins from the body and digestive system which slow down metabolism promoting weight gain. Green tea also enhances digestive system which increases calorie burn to help in reducing weight. It is one of the easiest home remedies for weight loss.

Cabbage is reckoned as negative calorie food which means it promotes calorie burn, body burn calories to fulfill energy requirements and cabbage stimulates this process preventing accumulation of unused calories as fat in the body. Cabbage can be consumed cooked and in raw form but ideally one meal shall comprise of cabbage only for effective weight loss. This is another one of the easiest home remedies for weight loss.

Take one-forth teaspoon of black pepper, 3 teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of honey, mix these and consume this mixture three to four times in a day. This mixture stimulates digestion, kills harmful bacteria in the intestines and liver and work as efficient fat burner by activating the process of calorie burn for energy requirements. It also acts as mild blood purifier for beneficial results in terms of weight loss. This is one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss.

Emotional eating is one of the biggest causes of obesity. But to suppress the cravings to eat is very difficult for some people and which renders weight reducing efforts in vain. Eat two baked tomatoes in the morning to reduce cravings to eat more. Ensure that tomatoes are baked dry and not with any oil or butter, consume these tomatoes as first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is one of the simplest home remedies for weight loss and to control excessive eating.

People who fear of gaining weight due to menopause or pregnancy or change in lifestyle can eat one meal of the day comprising fruits like papaya, carrots, pineapple and apple and with vegetables like cabbage, spinach, beet, bottle gourd and fenugreek seeds to keep weight in check. This is also a part of the list of effective home remedies for weight loss.

Curry leaves are also effective natural aid for weight loss and provide one of the effective home remedies for weight loss. Consume 10-12 curry leaves everyday in the morning. This remedy can reduce weight in obese people and is effective in promoting fat metabolism.

Indian plum leaves are also very effective in reducing fat and promoting weight loss. Take 4-5 leaves of Indian plum and soak them with a glass of water overnight. In the morning discard leaves and drink the water on an empty stomach. Within few months this remedy can reduce substantial weight without casting any side effects on over all health. This is one of the popular home remedies for weight loss.

Few changes while cooking also work as effective home remedies for weight loss. Use olive oil instead of other oils while cooking. Mix applesauce with oil or butter for cooking, if one needs half cup of vegetable oil for cooking then mixing one-fourth cup of oil and one-fourth cup of applesauce helps in preventing excess fat intake. Fry on non-sticky pans as these pans require lesser oil or butter for cooking. Eat steamed vegetables instead of fried as food fried with oils or butter contain more fat. These changes reduce fat intake without losing the taste and work as home remedies for weight loss.

Eat more vegetables and fruits and food grains like maize, wheat, barley and sorghum. Make sure that diet includes one bitter or pungent smelling food. Include spices like garlic and ginger in the diet. Cardio-vascular exercises are the best ways of burning fat and preventing fat accumulation in the body to reduce weight. Regular exercises promote blood flow to keep organs healthy and maintain energy levels in the body for an active daily routine, active daily routine promotes more fat and calorie burn which eventually provides weight loss. Take a mild walk after dinner and eat dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping. Reduce sugar and salt intake to minimum as these promote weight gain. Avoid alcohol intake and smoking completely.

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