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Dissolve Kidney Stones

Kid Clear capsules are natural and efficient way to dissolve kidney stones and to improve the functioning of kidneys and gallbladder. This herbal remedy for kidney stone helps to break down kidney stones in small particles and then flushes these particles out of the body naturally without any adverse effects. The active ingredients of Kid Clear capsules dissolve and cleanse kidney stones and prevent kidney and gallbladder diseases. Kid Clear capsules help relieve and sooth pain associated with kidney stones, dissolve kidney stones by working on the surface of the stones, cleanse kidney and help flush stone particles. This herbal remedy for kidney stone also helps in protecting the urinary tract and prevents formation of future stones. Kid Clear capsules dissolve kidney stones by working on the surface of the stone, break them into smaller and smaller particles, and then help support the kidney’s own elimination functions to safely remove these particles through the urine.

dissolve kidney stones

Kid Clear capsules are easy-to-swallow capsules which work efficiently to dissolve kidney stones and improve functioning of the kidneys and gallbladder. These are made up of powerful herbs and botanicals uniquely blended in a right proportion to help support the body in the elimination of kidney stones. The ingredients of this herbal remedy for kidney stone are targeted to work on the composition of the stone, slowly dissolving the stone into small particles and then removing these micro particles through the urine. After the large stone begins to dissolve, the micro particles need to be removed from the kidney. The herbs in Kid Clear capsules help to promote urine output so that the micro particles of the stones can be cleansed and flushed through the urine. The delicate lining of the urinary system may become irritated due to stones in the kidneys. Ingredients of this herbal remedy for kidney stone help to soothe the delicate tissue of the urinary tract. These ingredients also have properties that help to prevent the formation of kidney stones by optimizing the functioning of the urinary system.


Dolichos biflorus (Kulthi), Apium graveolens (Bastimoda), Curcuma aromatica (Ambihaldi), Saxifraga ligulata (Pashan Bhed), Crataeva nurvala (Barna), Amomum subulatum (Elaychi badi), Potassii carbonas (Javakhar), Coleus aromaticus (Patthar chur), Pedalium murex (Gaukshroo), Physalis alkekengi (Kaknaj), Solanum nigrum (Makoy), Curculigo orchioides Gaertn (Kali musali), Orthosiphon stamineus (Javatea), Cucumis utilissimus (Kakadi), Prunus cerasus (Alubalu), Cabbage (Karmkalla), Cinnamomum cassia (Taj), Achyranthes aspera (Apamarg), Juniperus communis (Hauber)

Kid Clear capsule is useful in –

Dissolve kidney stones and gallstones
Cleanse kidney and gallbladder
Prevent kidney and gallbladder diseases


Take one or two capsules of Kid Clear two times a day with water regularly for 3 to 4 months to dissolve kidney stones naturally.

Herbal Remedy for Kidney Stone

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main causes of kidney stones?

Kidney stones form due to accumulation of minerals in the kidney or urinary tract. These are hard crystalline materials which are classified depending on their location and chemical formation. Stones can form in kidneys, bladder and ureter and most commonly formed due to calcium reacting with oxalate or phosphate, other chemical compounds which can form kidney stones are uric acid and amino acid cystine. The condition of kidney stones is also referred as renal calculi and medically it is called as nephrolithiasis. Kidney stones are more common in males and generally occur for the first time in age group of 30-50 years, women suffer less with kidney stones and generally face first attack after the age of 45 years.

Low urine formation is largely responsible for causing kidney stones as kidneys are unable to flush out minerals and chemical compounds with urine which gets accumulated to form a stone. Obstruction to the flow of urine, lesser water or fluid intake, long term strenuous routine with lesser fluid intake and sudden rise in the levels of chemical compounds in the urine due to gout or hypercalciuria are most common causes of kidney stones. People suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, renal tubular acidosis, inflammatory bowel disease and inherited conditions like hyperoxaluria are other frequently found causes of kidney stones. Diet and climate also play a vital role in causing renal calculi, people living in hot and humid climate can get frequently dehydrated which raises chances of kidney stones. High intake of animal products, high salt intake, too much sugar consumption and vitamin D supplementation increases chances of kidney stone. Consumption of oxalate rich foods like spinach increases chances of kidney stone as calcium reacts with oxalate or phosphate to form stones.

What are the common symptoms of kidney stones?

Cramping pain in the abdomen, lower back, flanks, groin and genital area is a symptom of kidney stone, this pain does not change with posture and calms down on its own for a brief period and starts again. Normally before severe pain person feels general discomfort in abdomen. Cloudy urine is another symptom of kidney stone, foul smell of urine, red colored urine and burning sensation at the tip of urinary passage are other symptoms. Frequent urge to urinate and passing small quantity of urine each time, incomplete evacuation of urinary bladder or even complete stoppage of urination are also symptoms of kidney stones. Increased urinary tract infections and flu like condition with fever and chills, body ache, constipation or diarrhea suggests presence of kidney stones. Females suffer with vaginal pain and males suffer with testicular pains on aggravation of this problem.

Is there any safe herbal remedy for kidney stones?

Yes, Kid Clear capsule is a natural and effective herbal remedy for kidney stone prepared by combining all natural herbs and botanicals known for their positive effects to dissolve kidney stones naturally without any adverse effects. Because Kid Clear capsule is a natural plant-based product containing only the finest herbs and natural ingredients, there is no harmful side effect of Kid Clear capsules when taken as directed.

How long I need to take this herbal remedy to dissolve kidney stones naturally?

It is recommended to take this herbal remedy for kidney stone consistently for at least 3 to 4 months to get good result. For larger stones, please continue the course for 4 to 6 months. As Kid Clear capsule is a pure herbal remedy to dissolve kidney stones, you can continue its usage for as long as you wish.

What are the diet and natural remedies that will help you to dissolve kidney stones?

Diet can help in curing kidney stones and preventing their occurrence in future very effectively. Increased intake of fruits like apples, figs, water melon and pomegranate, fruits like apricot and pumpkin contain rich sources of vitamin A and are very beneficial diet for people suffering with kidney stones. Consume more of green leafy vegetables and whole grain wheat, coconut water, basil leaves and onions as these form very supportive diet for curing this problem. Avoid protein rich, oily and greasy foods, completely avoid spinach, alcohol, caffeine, pickles, chocolates, pastries, cauliflower, peas, carrots and fruits like parsley and strawberries. Consume water in abundance and stay hydrated all the time while staying active.

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