Home Remedies for Hypertension

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Home Remedies for Hypertension

High blood pressure if left unchecked or untreated can cause many other diseases and disorders and can even be even life threatening, home remedies for hypertension can control the blood pressure within healthy limits to prevent its ill effects on health. Blood pressure is measured in two readings like 120/80 mmHg the upper reading is systolic blood pressure whereas lower reading is diastolic blood pressure. When heart pumps blood into arteries it dilates and contracts and rests for part of a second, the dilation of heart is felt as heart beat. The systolic pressure of the blood is amount of pressure exerted on the walls of arteries when heart is contracting and diastolic pressure is the amount of pressure when heart is resting. If a person’s blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or more for most of the time in a day then he is suffering with hypertension. The heart of the people with hypertension works harder and gets lesser rest which makes its muscles weak to give rise to heart problems. Home remedies for hypertension are easy and effective ways and can help a person to keep his blood pressure under control to prevent further complications to health.

Problem of hypertension can be inherited, it runs in the family and any close relation having problem of hypertension increases chances of others having same problem too. Other medical conditions which can cause hypertension are chronic kidney diseases, problems related to adrenal gland, pregnancy, renal artery stenosis, hyperparathyroidism and medicines such as birth control pills, diet pills etc are known for causing the problem. Lifestyle related issues are far more commonly found causes of hypertension these days. Smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form, alcohol intake, too much salt or salty food, less water intake, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, diabetes, anxiety and sleep disorders are more commonly found causes of hypertension. Home remedies for hypertension can control the pressure of blood to keep it within healthy limits to prevent deterioration of health without causing any side effects.

Hypertension shows very mild symptoms in most of the cases, which is why it is detected only when person gets it checked by a medical practitioner. Headaches, nausea, rapid heart beats, shortness of breath, snoring and dry throat are few symptoms of hypertension but these are not symptoms of hypertension alone. Fatigue, muscular weakness, poor concentration, changes in vision, and confusion are severe symptoms of hypertension. Red spots in the eyes, bleeding through nose, frequent urination, heavy head and mental stress are also few other symptoms of hypertension which suggest possible presence of high blood pressure. Medically it is advised that after crossing the age of 30 males and females shall get blood pressure checked regularly. Home remedies for hypertension are safest ways to keep the pressure under control and stay in good health.

Garlic provides one of the effective home remedies for hypertension. Garlic reduces small arteries spasms, dizziness, numbness and prevents gas formation in digestive tract. It also slows down pulse rate and modifies heart rhythm. 4-5 cloves of garlic can be consumed in raw form or it can be used as salad ingredient for maximum benefits. Using it as a spice in the diet is also a good way of consuming it.

Lemon juice is also very beneficial for hypertension. A glass of lemon juice can be consumed three – four times in a day which will not only keep the body hydrated but also supplements the body with vitamin P which prevents capillary fragility. Peel of lemon is also a rich source of vitamin P, a part of lemon peel can be boiled in a cup of water and water can be consumed after straining and cooling. Both of these are effective home remedies for hypertension.

Watermelon seeds also provide one of the effective home remedies for hypertension. Consumption of watermelon seeds in fried and roasted form work as effective blood vessel dilator which lowers blood pressure and prevents chances of hemorrhages due to high blood pressure. The seeds shall be dried first and shall be consumed liberally.

Parsley leaves have also been found very effective in treating hypertension and is one of the popular home remedies for hypertension. Few parsley leaves weighing approximately 20 grams can be simmered in 250 ml of water hot water and this shall be consumed few times in a day for effective alleviation of the problem and relieving the symptoms. This is one of the widely used home remedies for hypertension.

One can prepare a mixture of juices which is treated as one of the most effective home remedies for hypertension. Take freshly prepared carrot juice 300 ml in quantity and mix it with 200 ml of spinach juice. Consume this mixture of juices daily. These juices supplement the body with all the necessary nutrients required by the body to keep blood pressure under control. This works as one of the easiest and effective home remedies for hypertension.

A tablespoon of fresh Indian gooseberry juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey and consumed as first thing in the morning works as one of the most potent home remedies for hypertension. Grapefruit is also very beneficial in treating hypertension. Consumption of one teaspoon of flax seeds everyday reduces level of cholesterol in the blood and provides one of the effective home remedies for hypertension.

Increased intake of fruits and fresh vegetables is very beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. Sticking to vegetarian diet as much as possible is helpful as hard to digest foods can also contribute in raising the pressure of blood. Ensure proper hydration and drink sufficient quantity of water during the day. Proper rest and sufficient duration of restful sleep is a remedy for hypertension. Salt intake shall be reduced necessarily, ideally salt intake shall not exceed half a teaspoon in entire day to keep blood pressure under control. Cardio-vascular exercises are excellent in keeping blood pressure under control, a mild walk can do wonders to reduce hypertension, aerobics, jogging, swimming are also recommended but medical expert’s advice shall be taken before starting these exercises. Breathing exercises in Yoga are also very helpful in lowering blood pressure and promoting relaxation to prevent surge in the pressure due to physical or mental exertion.

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