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Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre or Gurmar has been used in Ayurveda since long time for treating various diseases. It is found in tropical forests of India and Asia as it needs tropical temperature and lots of moisture to flourish. It is a climbing vine with dense leaves and its roots and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. It contains plant chemicals like gymnema saponins I-IV, gymnemic acids I-IX, derivatives of deacylgymnemic acid, tartaric acid, butyric acid, formic acid and many more. It is part of various medicines prepared for controlling blood sugar levels not only in Ayurvedic or other natural systems of medicine but also in allopathic treatments.

What is Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is primarily used to control blood sugar levels and its immense properties are very useful in controlling and relieving people suffering with diabetes. This anti diabetic herb casts many positive effects and helps a person in keeping his blood sugar level under control. It’s powerful and variety of properties to control sugar also makes it a useful remedy for keeping weight under control and is used by people trying to gain healthy weight and also those who are trying to shed excess weight.

Gurmar herb also has strong anti-bacterial properties and is used to prevent and cure bacterial infections and has been found very effective even in controlling most stubborn and chronic infections. It is also used for boosting up energy levels and keeping the digestive system clean. This herb is used as an ingredient in many natural energy boosters designed for sportspersons and athletes. It is diuretic and helps in keeping urinary tract healthy.

There are huge benefits of using Gymnema Sylvestre as medicine, supplement and supportive herb for people having higher sugar levels. Use of this herb provides wonderful beneficial effects like reducing absorption of sugar through intestines during digestion. Lesser sugar absorption helps in reducing sugar level even after normal sugar intake.

Another benefit of using Gurmar or Gymnema Sylvestre is that it can reduce cravings for eating sweet. Simply chewing few leaves of this herb can affect the taste buds and reduce sweetness of sugary substances and change its taste to reduce desire for eating sweet thereby helping people in curtailing their sugar intake substantially.

Gymnema Sylvestre also benefits people who are suffering due to over weight by burning down carbohydrates and fat contents of fat cells for producing energy. This effect of this anti diabetic herb makes it a perfect remedy for weight loss, for boosting up energy levels in diabetics as well as in normal people suffering with fatigue or low energy levels. It also makes it a part of energy drinks used by athletes and sportspersons.

Gurmar herb is used for controlling cholesterol levels and has shown magical effects in reducing levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood. Since ancient times it has been applied topically to kill infections and germs and also to treat serious wounds like snakebites.

Gymnema Sylvestre is used for its beneficial effects in soothing digestive tract and keeping it clean, it clears constipation, treats dyspepsia, jaundice and other ailments related to digestive system.
This anti diabetic herb is also a diuretic and is used in treating problems like urine retention, water retention, kidney related problems and problems of urinary tract.

Other names of Gymnema Sylvestre: Gurmar, Meshasringi, Gurmari, Gemnema Melicida, Gimnema, Gurmarbooti, Gymnema Montanum, Madhunashini, Amudhapushpam, Merasingi, Meshashringi, Madhoolika, Periploca Sylvestris, Vishani, Shardunika, Madhinasini, Sirukurinchaan, Chakkarakolli

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