If you are about to start a commercial process to sell a property, you should know that there are four fundamental steps to make it a success. This was explained by Paola Barrera, partner manager of Impulse SAS.

1. The presentation:

Your presentation must make an impact. “The attitude with which we greet the client is essential to be able to generate sympathy, harmony and harmony with him.”

2. Inquire the client’s needs:

This includes knowing for what purpose you want to compare, whether to live or for investment and how the family group is made up.

3. Identify tastes and needs

It is important to know if the client practices any sports, what hobbies they have, if they have pets or if they have children. “This allows us to present the common areas in a more effective way,” says the manager of Impulse SAS.

4. Budget

You must know what resources the client has to acquire the property. This way you can guide yourself in the form of payment to acquire the property.

Once these four steps have been completed, continue to show the property, giving clear and precise information about the benefits.

An additional tip from the expert:

“It is important to be clear about what is negotiable, what is not, and to be very clear with the client. Our clients don’t like us to say no to everything. Therefore, if the client has a special request, let us consult it, let us not say at first that no. The customer loves to be heard. “