Property rental: tips so that you are not fooled

One of the most anticipated seasons by families is that of vacations in the middle and at the end of the year, in which many plans to rent a country estate or an apartment and, thus, rest and change the routine.

Internet is the obligatory option to look for a rest property. However, not all that glitters is gold. There are some basic precautions to be taken to prevent unscrupulous people from ripping you off, taking your money, and ruining these holidays. consulted the IT security expert Heidy Balata, manager of the Secular de Seguridad firm, who gave a series of recommendations when looking for and renting a farm or apartment for vacation:

Cautions when doing an Internet business

These are some computer security tips that the Ministry of Information and Communications gives us and that you should take into account if you are going to make an online transaction.

1. Keep your equipment protected: remember that making a purchase online is one of the processes in which we have to give more personal information: identification cards, addresses, and telephone numbers, among others. Therefore, it is necessary that your computer is protected and updated, for this you must have an antivirus.

2. Use your personal computer: if possible, as a security measure, you should avoid the use of other people’s computers or make transactions in public places such as internet cafes.

3. Recognized and reputable websites: sometimes to search for a good offer we enter unknown web pages, check that the URL of the browser matches the website where you are buying and verify that the address begins with https (the browser also shows a padlock, which indicates that the portal has a security certificate).

Do not enter links that take you from their email to sites of a financial institution, it is one of the most common methods that criminals use to obtain your personal data and then impersonate your identity.

4. Request purchase notifications from your bank: today financial institutions offer a free notification service when a card purchase is made. If you don’t have this service, request it. This way you will receive notifications after making purchases or bank transactions, making it easier for you to verify operations and, if necessary, react immediately.