How to terminate a lease and have the property returned?

The leasing law, provided several opportunities, causes and ways to follow to terminate the contract and as a consequence to be able to restore the property given in lease, among them we have:


For example, the opportunity is mentioned that the expiration of the term of the contract or of any of its extensions is approaching.

The opportunity to obtain the common agreement between the landlord and the tenant to terminate the contract and deliver, the opportunity in which a cause arises originating from the contractual behaviour of one of the parties or the opportunity arising from a situation external to the will or behaviour of the parts.

Causes originated by the tenant (tenant)

The non-cancellation by the lessee of the rents and readjustments within the term stipulated in the contract.

The non-cancellation of public services, which causes the disconnection or loss of service, or the payment of common expenses when their payment is in charge of the tenant.

The total or partial sublease of the property, the transfer of the contract or the enjoyment of the property or the change of destination of the property by the lessee, without express authorization from the lessor.

The repeated incursion of the tenant in procedures that affect the citizen tranquility of the neighbours or the destination of the property for criminal acts or that imply contravention, duly verified before the police authority.

The realization of improvements, changes or extensions of the property, without express authorization of the lessor or the total or partial destruction of the property or leased area by the lessee.

The violation by the tenant of the rules of the respective horizontal property regulations in the case of dwellings subject to that regime.

Causes arising from behavior of the lessor 

The suspension of the provision of public services to the property, by premeditated action of the lessor or because he is in default in payments that are in his charge, in these cases the tenant may choose to assume the cost of restoring the service and deduct it from the payments that correspond to you as a tenant.

The repeated incursion of the landlord in procedures that seriously affect the full enjoyment by the tenant of the leased property, duly verified before the police authority.

The lack of knowledge on the part of the lessor of rights recognized to the lessee by the Law or contractually.

The sale of the property that is leased.

The need for the landlord to occupy the property or to rebuild, repair or build it, etc.

External causes: I state, among others, the facts of nature that affect the rented property and therefore threaten the risk of ruin or imminent danger such as a flood, an earthquake, a volcano’s fumarole, etc.

The expropriation of the property by the State to carry out public works, for example, the construction of a trasmilenio phase, or an avenue; or a judicial, administrative or police order.