Lease study, what does it consist of?

Before taking a rental property, it is common for the realtor or the insurer to do a lease study for future tenants.

In this study, the economic capacity of those interested in renting the property is analyzed and it is determined if they can comply with the rental fee.

The result of this study is a guarantee for when the contract is signed since if approved, the risks of non-compliance in payments are minimized.

What is analyzed in the lease study?

To carry out the study, it is necessary that both the future tenants and their co-debtors demonstrate an income greater than twice the value of the monthly fee and the cost of administration.

The number of co-debtors with or without real estate that must be presented will depend on the value of the rental fee.

Documents required for the study

In addition to filling out a form and paying the cost of the study, in general, both the tenant and the co-debtors must present the following documents:

• Photocopy of the identity card.

• Bank statements for the last three months.

However, depending on whether the tenant or co-debtors are independent, employees, pensioners or legal entities, the requirements vary and some of these documents may be requested:

• Labor certificate that includes salary, position, time in the company and the latest pay stubs.

• Photocopy of the last income statement.

• Chamber and commerce certificate if your activity requires it.

• Photocopy of the RUT.

• Proof of income other than work and/or pension.

• Financial statements certified by a public accountant and of the last accounting period with their respective annexes.