Property inventory: how to do it?

It is important to record the status in which you deliver each and every item of the property to the tenant.

For this, it is best to carry out an inventory of a property, of which both parties must keep a copy, with which at the end of the contract they can verify that everything is in order. We at taj  residencia islamabad housing society are here to help!

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The easiest way to inventory property is by using a format in which the following data, among others, are listed:

• Address of the property, telephone number, identification and location data of the owner and landlord, the date on which the review and delivery is made.

• Similarly, description, number and condition of objects and services such as locks, closets, rug, switches, electrical outlets, curtains, towel racks, telephone sets, sinks, showers and lamps.

•  Curtains (in each space), telephone sockets, extractor hood, clothes hanger, drain grates, door stops and holders for toilet paper, among others.

• According to the type of property and city, these elements may vary, so it is best to make the list while in the space to be rented.