How to choose a university residence

The process of finding the perfect student accommodation can be overwhelming, both for someone who is about to enter college and for those who are looking for better housing options. For this reason, we collect some important aspects when looking for a university residence so that when you start your search, you are clear about what you need.


Location is, hands down, one of the most important aspects of student accommodation. No matter how perfect the home is, it will not be so if you have to spend a lot of time moving from the residence hall to the university and vice versa.

Places near the university are usually the most expensive options. If your budget is limited, research the best public transport connections to see how you could save money. Also consider its proximity to shops, medical centres, and entertainment venues when visiting potential accommodations. Having these services nearby will make your day to day easier

Good internet connection

With a good Wi-Fi___33 network in your accommodation, you will save yourself having to live forever in your university library. Who doesn’t prefer to work from their very comfortable bed? So ask if what you are going to pay includes this service or if you have to pay for it separately. And if it does, ask if there are any usage restrictions or if it’s unlimited.

Invoices: all-inclusive

Your biggest expense after the rental will be the bills, so better choose accommodation where they are included. If this is not possible, before signing the contract, make an approximate calculation of the cost of the invoices that you will have to pay. Although the owner cannot give you an exact figure, he will surely have a realistic estimate based on the previous year’s budgets.

Space + Furniture

The location is perfect, the Wi-Fi___33 is blazing fast, and the bills are included in the rent. Now it’s time to ask yourself: where are you going to put all your belongings? It seems obvious, but don’t forget to consider space and furniture when looking for student accommodation.

Find out what furniture is included with the property and how much space you have for your room and shared areas. Make sure your bedroom has a closet, drawers, and a desk.

Bathroom: share or not?

This is another important aspect to consider. If you are a freshman, you may be used to sharing your bathroom at home. But are you comfortable doing the same with a couple of strangers?

On the other hand, if you’re planning to move in with your friends, a shared bathroom shouldn’t be a problem. Mind you, make sure everyone agrees to rotate cleaning shifts so you’re always presentable.

Ideal roommates

There is nothing that makes students far more than the prospect of living with an unbearable partner. Even if you move in with your friends, the coexistence will not always be perfect.

If you are looking for accommodation on your own, ask the tenant who your potential roommates could be. Maybe I can tell you more about them: Are they freshmen? Graduate? After all, if you are looking for a quiet house to face your last major exams, you don’t want to be stuck with three first-time students all year long.

In the event that you are thinking of going to live with your friends, first assess what living with them might mean in the foreseeable future. Do you like to party every weekend? Do you keep your room clean? Are they involved in shared tasks? If they don’t in their current situation, they will rarely start anytime soon.

Terms and Conditions

When you find the accommodation that best suits you, read the fine print of your rental agreement carefully before signing. You will save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run and it will be much easier to discuss any questions you have before it is too late. Better safe than sorry!

Creative freedom

There is nothing worse than living in an “empty” room for a year, so first check with your landlord to what extent you can personalize it. Ask him about the basics like putting up posters or putting on nails.

Personal and common area security

Probably the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your belongings. When looking at accommodation options, choose those properties that have an up-to-date security system that allows individual rooms and main entrances to be locked.