Invest in VIS housing, a profitable business for households

The lease in Bogota became the main choice for homes in the city. Last year, 54% of the people who sought to live in a home in the capital needed to do it this way, according to the report ‘Demand for real estate for sale and rent in Colombia’.

At the department level, Cundinamarca and Antioquia concentrated 74% of the 156,794,709 searches carried out during 2018, according to the document.

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In addition, the most recent National Household Budget Survey of the National Department of Statistics (Dane) revealed that accommodation and payment of public services was the expense that most affected Colombians.

Against this background, Social Interest Housing (VIS) is emerging as one of the main solutions to help households build the dream of owning their own home.

Know the keys that you must take into account when buying a VIS home

For those who want to have their own home, investing in VIS housing made on plans means that it can be achieved at a lower price and in the future it translates into greater profitability.

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VIS projects that are close to the city centre are surrounded by excellent public transportation alternatives that connect with points of cultural and religious interest, shopping centres, among them.

Juan Daniel Flores, general manager of Eloisa Ingeniería, notes that in the case of households that buy VIS for investment, they must take into account that the project is well located, in already established sectors, near main roads, schools, portals or stations of Transmilenio, areas whose development generates future appreciation.

“The above taking into account that buying a new home, rather than a new business, is your best investment,” says Flores.