If you are renting or selling a property, you should know that the way you show it is key. Paola Barrera, partner manager of Impulse SAS, tells us the five steps you must follow to make this process successful.

1. Know the property

“There is nothing worse than arriving at the property and not knowing what we are going to find in there,” says Barrera. That is, you must visit the property before taking a client, this will also allow you to know the status of the property and know the benefits of the property.

2. Details special features

Find five aspects of the property that you can highlight and check what benefit it represents for your client.

3. The first impact is the most important

From the greeting, you can impact. Also, take a complete tour of the property and the social areas that the complex offers.

4. Inquire about needs

It is important to ask the client how they liked the property and what they would improve on it.

5. Subsequent commitments

Follow up with the client, it can be an email, a call, scheduling, and another appointment, among others.