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Remedies for Swimmers Ear

Home remedies for swimmers ears can relieve the problem which is very common amongst teenagers and young adults. Swimmers ear is caused by infection, irritation or inflammation of outer ear or ear canal. This problem causes flow of pus like fluids from the ear and is a painful condition too. There are many reasons which can cause the problem and home remedies for swimmers ear can provide effective and safe cure to acute or chronic swimmers ear in a short time. It is not that swimmers ear is not caused by swimming, amongst adults swimming in polluted water or water containing mud or chemicals is the biggest cause of swimmers ear.

Among young ones, children who spend lot of time in water are prone to suffer with swimmers ear. Excess moisture can irritate and break the skin of ear canal to allow bacteria and fungi to penetrate in and cause infection. Dry skin or eczema, skin psoriasis, inflammation and irritation of the bone and tissue of the skull, allergy caused by a foreign body or due to poor skin condition and scratching of the ear canal to clear wax are other causes of swimmers ear. Diabetes and folliculitis can also cause swimmers ear. This problem needs immediate attention as it can reduce hearing power of a person on aggravation and home remedies for swimmers ear provide easy treatment in a short time.

Pain in the ear is primary symptom of swimmers ear. Some people experience pain while chewing and pain gets worse when ear is pulled or pressed from outside. Swelling of ear canal, reddening of ear and swollen and tender lymph nodes around the ear are other symptoms of swimmers ear. Children complain about uncomfortable feeling or feeling of fullness in the ear due to this problem. Pus like fluid also passes out of the ear in some cases or on aggravation of the problem which can be clear in the beginning but can turn yellow or green yellow later, foul smell from the ear and fever may also accompany with other symptoms of swimmers ear. Difficulty in hearing is temporary in some cases but can be permanent if infection spreads further inside the ear. Home remedies for swimmers ear can relieve pain and cure infection very safely and work as wonderful treatment to protect ear from any permanent damage.

Putting few drops of white vinegar in the ears is one of the easiest home remedies for curing swimmers ear. First put few drops of white vinegar in one ear and let it stay for five minutes then turn the head other way and drain the solution out of the ear. Repeat this same process for another ear and do this twice in a day to cure the problem completely. The acetic acid present in vinegar is most effective against bacterial and fungal infections.

People who have suffered with swimmers ear or have water clogged in the ear can use alcohol to prevent problem of swimmers ear. Rub alcohol on the ear, alcohol not only kills germs and infectious agents but also vaporizes water to keep the ear canal dry and clean. This is one of the best and easiest preventive home remedies for swimmers ear and for those who are fond of swimming.

Mix water, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar in equal parts and drop few drops of this mixture in the ear, let it stay for few minutes and later turn the head other way to drain the mixture out of the ear. Block the ear with a cotton ball. Repeat the same process for another ear to cure the infection and relieve pain. Drying ear canal with the help of a dryer after shower or swim is also a useful remedy to keep ear canal dry and safe from swimmers ear. Both of these are commonly used home remedies for swimmers ear.

To relieve pain hot compresses are simple yet effective home remedies for swimmers ear. Take a warm but dry towel and press it gently against the ear to alleviate pain. One can fill a sock with salt and heat it dry on a pan, make sure that it does not get over heated to cause burn. Put it against the ear and lie down pressing head against the sock containing salt. Stay for few minutes and repeat it for another ear. These hot compresses work as effective home remedies for swimmers ear by drying the ear canal and relieving the pain.

Take one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, add a drop each of lavender oil and tea tree oil and add three drops of roman chamomile. Apply this mixture on the outer ear and very gently on the ear canal for few days to effectively cure the problem. Putting 2-3 drops of tea tree oil alone regularly for few days also provide an effective treatment to the problem. These are also reckoned as effective home remedies for swimmers ear.

Application of garlic oil on the ear canal also very effectively cures the problem. Garlic contains allicin which has rich anti-bacterial properties to cure the infection and also helps in keeping ear canal dry. Warm baby oil also provides treatment to the problem, just put few drops of warm baby oil in the ears to cure the infection. These are also commonly used home remedies for swimmers ear.

Including more of green and yellow colored vegetables and fruits in the diet is very supportive for curing the infection and works as home remedies for swimmers ear. Include spinach, oranges, lemon, broccoli, brussels sprout, romaine lettuce, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes to elevate immunity system and support the body with necessary nutrients to cure the infection. Drink water in sufficient quantities during the day to keep body hydrated for curing the infection. Use ear plugs or block ear with cotton ball while swimming to avoid aggravation of the problem and reoccurrence of infection. Completely avoid junk foods, spicy and greasy foods and fried foods as these contain toxins and can aggravate the infection. Never scratch or rub the ear vigorously as it can cause abrasions in the ear canal to cause infection and can harm ear’s health.

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