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Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight, Natural Remedy

Weak eyesight is a growing problem and even children can be seen wearing glasses nowadays, home remedies for weak eyesight can improve, maintain and protect eyes and their functioning to avert the problem. Weak eyesight can be very depressing and troublesome. Wearing glasses or contact lenses to see things properly is problematic and is not appreciated by any person. Some people with weak eyesight find themselves unable to stop the progression of the problem even after wearing glasses or lenses regularly. More and more people succumb to this problem every year without any discrimination of age, gender or race. Home remedies for weak eyesight are potent ways to improve eyesight naturally and in many cases can improve the vision to prevent the need for aids like glasses and lenses.

Aging is normal and natural cause of weak eyesight. With the growing age all the systems of the body weaken and get sluggish, the functionality of brain also reduce which causes deterioration in vision. Refractive errors, myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, weakness, poor dental health and pterygium are few diseases and disorders related to body and eyes which cause weak eyesight. Lifestyle related issues like watching too much TV, working in dim light, alcohol intake, smoking poor care of eyes, poor diet and insufficient rest also cause weak eyesight. Disorders related to eyes can be caused due to deficiencies of certain nutrients in children as well as adults.

Home remedies for weak eyesight can maintain and stop the progression of the problem and in some cases can improve the eyesight to provide relief. Heaviness in the head or headache after reading or watching TV even for short duration, inability to focus on particular object, hazy vision, lack of concentration, lightheadedness after reading or writing or working on computer, burning sensation in the eyes, regular redness in the eyes, persistent common cold and flashes of light after closing the eyes are few commonly found symptoms of weak eyesight. Home remedies for weak eyesight can not only relieve the symptoms but can also improve the condition in most of the cases.

Indian gooseberry provides one of the effective home remedies for weak eyesight. Take a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder and mix it with one tea spoon of honey. Consume this paste once in the morning and once in the night. This works as one of the wonderful home remedies for weak eyesight and particularly for people suffering with the problem due to diabetes.

Consume a teaspoon of aniseeds in the morning and in the evening, this also protects the eyesight and prevents its further deterioration. Mix few leaves of marigold in two cups of cold water and allow the mixture to stand for at least 30 minutes. Later strain the mixture and use the remaining water as an eye wash. This is another very simple treatment for preventing weak eyesight due to over straining and fatigue. Both of these are useful home remedies for weak eyesight.

One of the oldest and trusted home remedies for weak eyesight is provided by famous Ayurvedic preparation known as Triphala powder. The lotion of this powder can cure cataract and improve eye's health to improve vision. Mix a tablespoon of Triphala powder with a cup of water and allow the mixture to stand for half an hour. Use the mixture as eye wash three to four times in a day to cure problems like cataract and to improve eyesight. Triphala powder is one of the oldest home remedies for weak eyesight and very popular due to its efficacy.

Prepare a mixture by mixing aniseed powder with coriander powder in equal quantities. Mix sugar candy equal to the weight of the mixture. Take 12 grams of the mixture once in the morning and once in the evening with plain water. This is another one of the effective home remedies for weak eyesight.

Mix one part of sugar with three parts of coriander seeds and grind the mixture to form a powder. Mix this powder with a glass of water and boil it. After boiling it for few minutes remove the bowl from the burner and allow the mixture to cool down. Later use this mixture as eye drops after straining to protect eyes and to maintain proper vision. This one of the effective home remedies for weak eyesight as it works wonderfully for protecting eye's health and their functioning.

Take two pieces of cardamom and grind them, mix the grounded powder with a glass of milk and in the night before going to bed simmer and drink the milk. This is one of the effective home remedies for weak eyesight by keeping eyes healthier and maintaining their health.

Drinking carrot juice at least two glasses in a day and consuming carrots in raw form during the day is also reckoned as one of the most effective and simple home remedies for weak eyesight. Carrots supply host of nutrients to the body which are very useful in keeping eyes healthier and curing the problems hindering proper vision. Spinach juice is also considered as helpful diet to cure weak eyesight. If one strains the eyes regularly or for students, palming exercise can do wonders to protect vision from deteriorating. Rub both the palms together and keep the heel of the palms on the cheek bone and cup the eyes. Open and close eyes for few seconds at regular intervals and imagine as if you are surrounded by dark black space or lush green place. This relieves the strain and refreshes the eyes to prevent ill-effects of eye straining.

Another exercise which casts very positive effects in improving and maintaining proper vision is called as swaying. Stand straight, inhale and hold the breath, now focus on a distant object, keep your eyes on the object and blink frequently. Later exhale and focus again on any object far away and blink as many times as you can before inhaling again. Perform this exercise during work to avert any damage to the eyes or to the vision due to straining. One can also rotate the eyes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction alternatively with closed eyes few times and then open the eyes and focus on any object for one or two minutes and repeat the eye rotation again. This is also an effective exercise to relax the muscles and prevent deterioration of eyesight.

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