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Home Remedies for Toothache, Natural Remedy

Toothache is a common problem which sometimes occurs due to mild reasons and sometimes due comparatively serious reasons, home remedies for toothache are capable treatments to calm the troubling symptoms and treat the cause of the problem. A person feels pain referred as toothache when nerve under the tooth gets irritated. There are several conditions which can cause irritation of nerves and cause toothache, sometimes pain originates in some other part of the face and radiates down to the jaw to make it feel like toothache. Problems related to jaw joint, ear pain and heart problems can cause pain which can be felt in the jaw or dentures despite of healthy teeth, gums and nerves. Home remedies for toothache are easy to use and suitable to all treatments which can relieve the symptoms of the problem in a short time and also provide effective cure to prevent further occurrences.

Dental caries caused by eating acidic or sweet food which corrodes enamel or fillings of teeth, dental cavities exposing the nerves which cause pain during eating or drinking, periodontitis, wisdom teeth, cracked tooth, proliferation of bacteria in mouth causing gum problems, injury, extraction of tooth, plaque and dental decay are commonly found causes of toothache which are actually related to jaw. Pulpitis is inflammation of dental pulp which has many nerve endings sensitive to pain in the center of the tooth is one of the biggest causes of toothache. Misalignment of jaw, swelled or locked jaw joint, heart problems and ear pain can cause referral pain which does not occur due to any dental problem but is felt in the jaw. Trigeminal neuralgia, cytotoxic chemotherapy and atypical odontalgia are other causes of toothache.

Home remedies for toothache provide relief from the troubling symptoms in a short time and are safe and suitable to people of any age and gender. Pain while chewing or even without chewing is an early symptom of toothache. Hot or cold sensitivity, redness on the gums, yellowing patch on the gums right under the teeth, swelling around a tooth, bleeding gums and swelling in the jaw are other commonly found symptoms of toothache. Pain after tooth extraction and episodes of pain when wisdom tooth is coming out are natural and occur due to irritation of nerves which try to adjust according to the new changes. Home remedies for toothache can provide relief from all the symptoms in a short time and can provide very effective cure to the problem in most of the cases.

Garlic holds a prominent place in providing relief from toothache and provides few effective home remedies for toothache when used with other ingredients. Crushing a clove of garlic and adding a pinch of rock salt to it and applied on the aching tooth can provide relief from the pain and can even cure the underlying problem. Mixing crushed garlic clove with clove oil and applying at the affected part is one of the oldest home remedies for toothache. Chewing few cloves of garlic in the morning and swishing its juice in the mouth before swallowing is an excellent preventive remedy for gum problems and problems cause by bacteria and acidity due to poor diet.

Onion provides another one of the easiest home remedies for toothache. Take a small raw onion and chew it well, at least for 3 minutes, the anti-bacterial properties of onion kill the bacteria in the mouth to prevent tooth decay and gum problems and also cure the problem when applied at the affected tooth. Including onion in salad and eating few slices of it can provide sufficient protection from dental problems.

In case of pain in the tooth due to dental cavities use of asafetida is one of the excellent home remedies for toothache. Take sufficient quantity of asafetida heat it on a dry pan, add few drops of lemon juice to form a thick paste. Using a cotton ball apply the paste on the troubling tooth to fill the cavity with the paste. This relieves the pain and allows painless chewing and swallowing and can even cure the problem to provide long lasting relief. This is one of the oldest home remedies for toothache and is beneficial in treating problems caused by other reasons too.

Take black pepper powder in sufficient quantity and mix it with clove oil to form a paste. Apply on the affected tooth to cure pain and infection and it also treats the problem of plaques, bacteria and bleeding gums. Black pepper powder with common salt can also be used regularly for keeping dental problems at bay. It is one of the useful home remedies for toothache.

Prepare a paste by mixing bayberry bark and vinegar. Apply this paste on the affected tooth to relieve pain, swelling and filling cavities to cure toothache. It is one of the effective home remedies for toothache. Brushing teeth and gums with clove oil once in a day prevent most of the dental problems effectively. Keeping and piece of clove under the affected tooth also provides relief in toothache occurring due to mild reasons.

Take one teaspoon of mustard oil and half teaspoon of salt and apply this mixture on the affected tooth or brush the teeth and gums with this paste. Brushing teeth and gums with finger is better than compared to toothbrush. This is also one of the most trusted home remedies for toothache and provides relief in most of the cases.

Brush teeth everyday at least twice in a day and compulsorily before retiring to bed. Particles of food remain attached to gums or places between teeth which get contaminated in the night and cause most of the dental problems. Floss or use tooth prick to remove embedded material in the teeth. Avoid sugary foods and chocolates particularly in the night. Eat pungent smelling, bitter and astringent tasting foods as these are better for keeping dentures healthy. Eat fruits like Indian gooseberry, lemon, oranges, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables in abundance to keep teeth and gums healthy. Always brush teeth after eating junk, spicy and sugary food to avoid problems related to teeth and gums.

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