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Home Remedies for Tooth Infection, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for tooth infection are potent remedies to control, prevent and even cure the infection which can cause severe damage to dental health of a person. Dental treatments are not easy and neither they come cheap, people due to these reasons are reluctant to go to clinic regularly, but there are no two thoughts that keeping dentures healthy and safe is a primary requisite for good health. Teeth are prone to many types of infections, affecting internally as well as externally. The weakness and decay caused by infections can result in tooth fall and contamination can spread in other teeth too. So on the arrival of first symptoms controlling and curing the infection shall be of primary importance and home remedies for tooth infection are economic, painless and convenient ways to do so, these are natural ways of countering tooth infection which are suitable to people of all ages.

Bacteria and dietary habits are primary causes of tooth infection. Bacteria is present in human body and is kept under control by immune system but at the pulp or root canal of the tooth there is little room for body's defense mechanism to function and body cannot control severe bacterial growth at this place. This causes tooth decay referred as tooth infection. Bacteria can cause tooth abscess which may or may not be painful, people carry tooth abscess for a long time without any symptoms but damage caused by this infection is severe. Infected gums can also cause tooth infection, this mainly occurs due to poor hygiene and disorders present in the body. Presence of tooth cavities exposes the root canal which also causes tooth infection. Dietary habits which include too much intake of sugary and acidic foods are also causes of tooth infection as these corrode the enamel of the teeth exposing it to bacteria and other irritants present in the food a person eats.

Home remedies for tooth infection can counter all of these conditions initiated by bacteria, poor hygiene, dietary issues and tooth cavities very effectively. Pain is an early symptom of tooth infection, tooth can cause pain during chewing or even without chewing pain due to tooth infection aggravates in the night and is sharp and throbbing. Sensitivity to hot and cold food items is another symptom of tooth infection, the cavities or corroded enamel of tooth exposes the nerves and touch of hot or cold food can cause sharp pain or dull pain for longer time. Swelling on the gums surrounding the infected tooth is other symptom of tooth infection. The swelling is like a balloon with water like fluid inside, the pressure of the fluid punctures the tissue and fluid oozes out curing the swelling but infection stays. Rarely but fever is also treated as a symptom of tooth infection if it accompanies with toothache or gum swelling. Home remedies for tooth infection are capable treatments to relieve the symptoms and also to cure the infection in a short time and without any side effects.

Take a teaspoon of black pepper and add a pinch of salt to it. Clean teeth and gums with this powder, it is one of the effective home remedies for tooth infection as it prevents proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and fights tooth decay. It is also very beneficial in preventing dental caries, bad breath, swollen gums and gum bleeding.

Black pepper is also very beneficial in treating dental cavities. Sufficient quantity of black pepper can be taken and mixed with clove oil to form a paste. This mixture can be filled in the dental cavities to cure the problem of tooth infection and also reduces pain and sensitivity to hot and cold to large extent. This is another very useful home remedies for tooth infection.

Garlic also provides one of the effective home remedies for tooth infection, one crushed clove of garlic can be mixed with a pinch of rock salt. Apply this clove on the affected tooth, this provides effective cure from the infection. Chewing two to three cloves of garlic in the morning or after meals and swishing its juice in the mouth is also one of the effective home remedies for tooth decay, it can keep bacteria under control and also protects enamel corrosion due to sugary and acidic foods.

Lemon juice can be brushed on the teeth 15 minutes before brushing teeth to prevent bacteria buildup and its proliferation in the mouth. Adding few drops of lemon juice to toothpaste for brushing the teeth is also one of the very useful and easy to use home remedies for tooth infection.

Goldenseal powder provides one of the most useful home remedies for tooth infection, it is very simple and easy to use, take goldenseal powder in sufficient quantity and apply on the affected tooth. Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes and this can cure the infection, reduce the swelling and relieve pain in a short time.

Another one of the popular home remedies for tooth infection is use of Echinacea powder, tea or tincture. Echinacea tincture or tea prepared by boiling raw Echinacea with hot water can be consumed for effectively curing the infection whereas Echinacea powder can be applied topically on the affected tooth to cure the infection and relieve the symptoms like swelling and pain in a short time.

Eliminate all types of processed or refined sugar from the diet and use honey for sweetening. Eat protein rich diet and raw butter for fighting the infection. Look for personal hygiene, brush teeth regularly and floss after every meal. Brush teeth in the night without failing and avoid eating chocolates, drinking tea or coffee within 2 hours of bedtime. Eat soft food which is easy to chew and does not strain the gums and teeth very much. The affected tooth has weak tissues of gums and over strain while chewing the food can aggravate the irritation of nerves. Healing of tooth infection requires internal as well as external treatment hence use of home remedies for tooth infection can show their effects in much shorter time if supported by proper diet and hygiene.

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