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Home Remedies for Tooth Decay, Natural Remedy

Decaying of tooth is a common problem and can cause tooth loss if not treated properly and timely, home remedies for tooth decay are easy to use, safe and effective treatments to cure the problem before it goes out of hands. Tooth decay is formation of cavity or hole in the tooth, this is first stage of the problem and if tooth is not treated than it can exposes deeper sections of the tooth dental pulp and nerves to initiate infection and inflammation. The infection can cause variety of gum problems and severe pain. If not controlled or treated it can result in tooth loss and infection can spread to other teeth resulting in problem of higher magnitude. Decaying of tooth is harmful for over all health too and pain and irritation caused while chewing or drinking can be very bothersome and depressing. Home remedies for tooth decay are easy to use and are easily available and have proven their efficacy in treating the problem.

Improper oral hygiene, irregular intake of sweet and acidic foods, too much intake of beverages, irregular brushing of teeth, lack of use of mouthwash, absence of flossing, potato chips and jam are responsible for causing tooth decay. Bad or worn out tooth filling, cracked or fractured tooth, corroded enamel, gum infections and disorders in the body are also few other causes of tooth decay. Among infants or young children the remaining milk in the mouth can cause increase in the growth of harmful bacteria which can cause tooth decay. Home remedies for tooth decay can provide effective cure to the problem and can stop its progression caused by any of these reasons.

Pain in the tooth which can be sharp and short or long and dull, presence of holes or cavities in the tooth or black or yellow colored spots are first symptoms of tooth decay. Hot and cold sensitivity occurs when there is erosion of enamel and or due to cavities which expose inner nerves to food. Temporary pain or sensitivity to too much hot or cold food may be due to thin or eroded enamel but sensitivity to food of normal temperature suggests presence of cavities which shall be treated immediately. Change in the color of tooth or stains on the tooth also suggest presence of problem which can be an infection too. Inflamed gums, bleeding gums, pus formation in the gums, receding gums and chronic bad breath can also be symptoms of tooth decay. Home remedies for tooth decay can control and cure the problem and relieve the symptoms effectively.

Crush a clove of garlic and spray some black pepper powder on the clove, allow it to stay for few minutes and then press the clove by the affected tooth. The juices of garlic and pepper will cure the infection and also the inflammation of dental pulp inside the tooth, this remedy also kills the bacteria around the tooth to provide effective relief. This is one of the most effective home remedies for tooth decay.

Dip a cotton ball in clove oil, press this cotton ball with the affected tooth so that the oil reaches inside the cavities. Clove oil is very effective in relieving the pain, reduce inflammation and cure the infection. Use of clove oil for tooth related problems is an old remedy and is one of the useful home remedies for tooth decay too.

Take handful of mint leaves and boil them in two cups of water for few minutes, allow the mixture to cool down and later strain it. Take a sip of the mixture and rotate it in the mouth and more towards the affected tooth. One can take this remedy few times in a day for effectively curing and controlling the infection causing tooth decay. This is one of the effective home remedies for tooth decay.

Take half teaspoon of black pepper and half teaspoon of salt, add few drops of clove oil to the mixture to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected tooth. This is one of the most effective home remedies for tooth decay and relieves pain, swelling, prevents pus formation and also reduces bacteria in the mouth to stop the progression of decay.

Take a small piece of ginger and spray some rock salt over it, allow it to stay and later press the piece of ginger by affected tooth. This is also one of the simplest and effective home remedies for tooth decay. Mixture of mustard oil and common salt shall be used to brush the teeth at least twice in a day to cure the infection and relieve its symptoms. This is one of the oldest home remedies for tooth decay. Using it 20 minutes before brushing the teeth with regular toothpaste in the morning and night provides quicker results.

Chewing leaves of margosa is another one of the oldest and trusted home remedies for tooth decay. Margosa leaves juice is very beneficial in controlling the infection and relieving the symptoms. Application of oregano oil on the affected tooth also helps the body in controlling and curing the infection. Chewing a small piece of onion for at least 3 minutes and swishing its juice around mouth is also a simple treatment for tooth decay. All of these work as simple and effective home remedies for tooth decay.

Take special care of oral hygiene, brush teeth twice in a day and do not eat foods like chocolates, sweets within 2 hours of bedtime. Stop sugar and acidic food intake completely, intake of refined foods, products made of white flour, tea, coffee, pickles, potato snacks and beverages shall be stopped too for effective alleviation of the problem and preventing it from reoccurring. Floss teeth after every meal, rinse mouth well after eating any thing and avoid frequent eating. Consuming well balanced diet and timely meals helps in keeping the presence of bacteria under control and also allows the body to maintain proper health of teeth and gums. All of these precautions work as excellent preventive remedies and shall be practiced to improve the effects of home remedies for tooth decay for quicker and better results.

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