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Home Remedies for Thrush, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for thrush can control the infection to provide relief and also work very effectively in preventing its reoccurrences. Thrush is caused by fungal infection and is caused by fungus called Candida. This fungus is present in the mouth and is kept under control by the immune system and other microorganisms which also reside in the mouth but when immune system is unable to keep their growth in check or due to other reasons this fungus overgrows it causes infection in the mucus lining of the mouth and tongue referred as thrush or oral thrush. Candida which causes thrush is also known to cause infections in the female intimate part and other systemic infections some of which can be life-threatening. Home remedies for thrush are effective and safe ways to control the growth of this fungus and cure the problem occurring due to it.

Weakened immune system is major cause of thrush, the bacteria, fungi and yeast present in the mouth is kept under control by the immune system, once immune system gets weak these microorganisms proliferate and fungus Candida causes problems like thrush. People suffering with diabetes are prone to suffer with thrush, people using dentures also suffer with similar problem frequently if dentures are poorly fitting and use of steroids also cause thrush. Use of antibiotics for longer period weakens immune system and promotes growth of harmful bacteria and fungus in the body, which can cause thrush. People who have take radiotherapy, chemotherapy and are taking medicines which dry out the mouth frequently suffer with oral thrush or thrush.

Home remedies for thrush are safe and natural ways to counter the problem caused by any of these reasons. Appearance of white velvety blisters on the tongue and wet parts of the mouth are symptoms of thrush. The blisters bleed if scratched and cause pain when tongue is moved or something is chewed. The area affected by thrush may also get swollen and red in color, sometimes small blisters combine to form a large blister and also sometimes swollen area can become red and raised and blisters may not appear at all. If white blisters join to form a large blister also called as plaque then they turn grey or yellowish in color. Though thrush or blisters are fairly harmless but can cause lot of discomfort while eating and drinking and their frequent occurrences signify weak immune system which is a serious condition, thrush can affect people wearing dentures quite severely. Home remedies for thrush can provide quick relief from the symptoms and also prevent reoccurrences effectively and safely.

Take a glass of warm water and add two teaspoons of common salt to it. Use this mixture for rinsing or gargle mouth. Rinse or gargle mouth few times in a day particularly in the morning and after having meals. This increases alkaline levels of the mouth which helps the body in controlling proliferation of fungus causing thrush. This is one of the simplest home remedies for thrush.

Apple cider vinegar also provides one of the most effective home remedies for thrush. Mix two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in glass of warm water, rinse mouth with this mixture two three times in a day. The properties of apple cider vinegar work very efficiently to cure the problem by controlling the infection.

Garlic paste also provides relief and cure from thrush. The easiest way to use garlic is by chewing 5-6 cloves of it and swishing the juice around mouth and tongue for few minutes. The garlic juice may cause burning sensation in the blisters but it works as one of the excellent home remedies for thrush. Garlic is effective against 30 types of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus and provides relief immediately.

Honey has excellent healing and anti-microbial properties. Apply honey on the blisters and let it stay for few minutes, repeat this remedy two three times in a day. Rinsing mouth with a cup of warm water mixed with two teaspoons honey also provides relief from the symptoms of thrush. Honey works as one of the excellent home remedies for thrush and also its regular consumption improves immunity system which prevents reoccurrences of the problem.

Pure coconut oil is very beneficial treatment for the problem and it is so safe that it is used even for breastfed babies. Mothers since ancient times apply coconut oil on the nipples while feeding the baby to cure the infection. For adults use of oil in cooking and topical application on the blisters provide effective treatment and works as one of the curative as well as preventive home remedies for thrush.

Mix two three drops of tea tree oil in a cup of warm water and rinse the mouth with the mixture, always remember to not to swallow this mixture at all. Rinse the mouth well and spit the mixture out, it works as one of the most effective home remedies for thrush. Mothers can also use tea tree oil for treating thrush in breastfed babies. Apply mixture of few drops of tea tree oil and olive oil on the nipples and let it stay for few minutes later wash the nipples with warm water thoroughly and feed the baby. This is one of the useful home remedies for thrush in young babies.

Make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and apply this paste topically on the blisters. Allow the paste to stay on the blisters and later rinse mouth with plain normal water. Rinsing mouth with a glass of water mixed with two three teaspoons of baking soda also provides quick relief from the problem.

Look for oral hygiene and brush teeth at least twice in a day. It is also recommended to floss the teeth after every meal. Avoid sugar intake completely and also avoid sweet fruits, Candida thrives on sugar hence it shall not be consumed to control the infection quickly. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and steamed vegetables are the best for keeping system healthy and preventing infections. Alcohol intake shall also be reduced to minimum and excessive tea and coffee intake shall also be avoided to keep the microorganisms under control and avoid problems like thrush.

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