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Home Remedies for Stiff Joints, Natural Remedy

Stiffness in the joints can occur for long or short duration and can restrict the movement of one or few joints creating lot of problems in performing daily activities, home remedies for stiff joints can relieve the problem and can promote smooth movement. Stiff joint is a condition which is related to impeded movement of the joint or reduced mobility. Stiffness in the joints can occur suddenly or it can progress slowly over a period of time, sometimes stiffness causes pain when joint is moved and pain calms down in resting position whereas due to certain other types of reasons stiffness may accompany regular pain in the joint. Frequent episodes of joint stiffness can be a symptom of many types of disorders and growing problems in the body and shall be taken seriously. Home remedies for stiff joints can relieve the problem and also provide safe and effective cure to prevent problem from aggravating.

There are many causes of stiff joints varying from mild to serious and temporary to long lasting conditions. Broken bones, repetitive movements, overuse injuries, fractures, bone dislocation, sprains and strained muscles are common causes of joint stiffness due to trauma and injury. Arthritis are chief causes of stiff joints some commonly found arthritis are gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis and diseases like reiter's syndrome are other commonly found causes of stiff joints. Infections in the body can also cause stiff joints, infections like hepatitis, influenza, mononucleiosis and mumps are known reasons for causing joint stiffness. Amongst other causes of stiff joints are bursitis, spondylitis, osteomyelitis, leukemia, systemic lupus erythematosus and tendinitis.

Home remedies for stiff joints can relieve the symptoms of the problem caused by any of these reasons. Numbness, pain, itching, redness around the joints, swelling around the joints, tenderness in the joints, warmth in the joints, tingling or other types of unusual sensations and burning sensation are common symptoms of stiff joints. These symptoms may occur after movement or without movement depending upon the cause of the problem. Intensity of the symptoms may increase or decrease after activity, symptoms can be intense or less intense in the morning while getting out of bed and shape and appearance of joint can also change with the progression of the problem. Some other symptoms may also accompany stiff joints like fever, chills, nausea, cough, body aches, abdominal pain, sore throat, fatigue, headache and muscle twitching. Home remedies for stiff joints are very effective in relieving the problem and providing relief from troubling symptoms in a short time.

Consuming apple cider vinegar regularly is one of the simplest and effective home remedies for stiff joints. The consumption of apple cider vinegar helps the body in many ways which counters problems and disorders causing stiffness in joints effectively. Take one and a half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and equal quantity of honey mixed together and consume this in the night before going to bed. This works as one of the excellent home remedies for stiff joints.

Take a teaspoon of fennel seeds and soak them in a cup of water overnight. In the morning strain the mixture and chew down the seeds right before first meal of the day. Fennel seeds have been used in various Ayurvedic medicines for curing body aches, pain and joint stiffness, it provides beneficial results when taken regularly and works as one of the simplest home remedies for stiff joints.

Omega 3 fatty acids are excellent for preventing and curing joint pain and stiffness. Omega 3 fatty acids are rich anti-inflammatory which inhibit the stiffness and pain in the joints and promote easy and smooth movements. Consume one teaspoon of flax seeds thrice in a day for supplementing the body with omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil is also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and its use in any form keeps problem of stiff joints away. This is another one of the trusted home remedies for stiff joints.

Heat a tablespoon of mustard oil or coconut oil and add few pieces of camphor in it. Let the camphor crystals dissolve in the oil completely and mix them well. Massage the affected joints before going to bed regularly. This relieves pain and relaxes joint muscles to promote smooth movement and cure stiffness in a short time. This is one of the oldest home remedies for stiff joints.

Mix three cups of Epsom salt in a tub full of warm water and soak the body in this water for 30 minutes regularly before going to bed. The magnesium absorbed by the skin of the body relieves the stiffness and aches in the joint and promotes smooth and pain free movement. This is one of the easiest home remedies for stiff joints.

Take an inch long piece of ginger, peel it off and cut it into small pieces. Soak the pieces in a teaspoon of lemon juice and let it stay for one hour. Later consume this with meal. This also works very well for treating stiff joints. Use of turmeric in the diet has been found very effective in treating the problem of stiff joints. Both of these kitchen ingredients provide effective home remedies for stiff joints.

Mild exercises can prevent the problem of joint stiffness and also help in curing the problem. Exercises like jogging, swimming and brisk walking are very effective as these promote blood flow all over the body strengthening muscles and tendons to avoid joint pain and stiffness. These exercises also keep joints in good shape for longer period in life. Yoga provides few very effective exercises and poses which are suitable for everyone of any age and have been found effective in curing the problem and relieving the symptoms of joint stiffness. Water walking is an exercise which is recommended for people suffering with stiff joints below waist area. This is done in a swimming pool by getting in waist deep water and walking in the pool. The resistance applied by the water on joints while moving keeps the muscles and tendons attached to the joints healthy and strengthens them to keep joints in good shape.

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