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Home Remedies for Sciatica, Natural Remedy

The symptoms of sciatica are very troubling and depressing, on aggravation this problem can cause serious issues to health, home remedies for sciatica are useful and easy to use means of curing the problem. Sciatica is a set of symptoms occurring due to compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve root giving rise to sciatica nerve or compression or irritation of left or right or both sciatica nerves. The treatment of the problem differs according to symptoms as sciatica is a general term referring to the set of symptoms and proper diagnoses of these symptoms describe the underlying cause of the problem. Home remedies for sciatica however provide holistic treatment to the problem and relieve the symptoms and cure the problem whether occurring due to irritation or compression of spinal nerve root or due to sciatica nerve.

Sciatica is generally caused by compression of lumbar nerve L4 and L5 or sacral nerve S1, S2 or S3 or by compression of sciatica nerve. Common causes of sciatica are slipped disk, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis, pelvic injury, fractures and tumors. Apart from these, lifestyle related issues and work also plays a crucial role in causing the problem. People leading lethargic lifestyle, involved in sitting jobs, too much driving or travelling, leading too much active life like sportspersons and athletes, jobs involving lifting of heavy objects and twisting and turning of waist are also prone to suffer with sciatica pain. Any activity, injury or disorder irritating the root nerves or sciatica nerve can cause the problem of sciatica.

Home remedies for sciatica are capable treatments which can relieve the symptoms of the problem caused by any of these reasons. Pain in the lower extremities of the body starting from lower back is first symptom of sciatica. The pain can start with initial heaviness or stiffness in the lower back which gradually can become nuisance pain and aggravate to severe levels. The symptoms of sciatica pain which differentiate it from other pains of the lower back is that sciatica pain radiates and shoots down to buttocks, thighs and even to lower regions like a flash. This happens due to sciatica nerve as this nerves runs from the lower back to legs and when it gets irritated it causes shooting pain in the lower regions starting from lower back. Home remedies for sciatica provide relief from the troubling symptoms and also alleviate the root cause of the problem very effectively.

One of the most effective home remedies for sciatica is provided by juice of potato, celery leaves, beetroot and carrots, combination of these works magically to relieve the symptoms. Prepare juice of potato and celery leaves and add some carrot and beetroot to the mixture. Consume 10 ounces of this mixture everyday regularly. Be particular about the quantity of consumption as it is very important. This works as one of those home remedies for sciatica which provide relief and allow a person to carry out daily activities normally.

Horseradish poultice is another one of the useful home remedies for sciatica which relieves pain and provides relief on topical application immediately by stimulating sciatica nerve. Mince horseradish with some water to form a paste and spread it on a piece of cloth, apply on the lower back to get relief from the pain effectively.

Garlic provides couple of useful home remedies for sciatica. Consuming few cloves of garlic in raw form during the day helps in curing the pain and irritation of sciatica nerve. Garlic is excellent in providing warmth, promoting blood flow and supplementing anti-oxidants to the body for curing irritation of sciatica nerve or root nerves. Add two cloves of crushed garlic to a cup of milk and drink this milk once in a day before going to bed. This is also one of the oldest home remedies for sciatica.

Bitter chamomile has medicinal properties and promotes healing in the body, it is also very beneficial for sciatica pain. Elderberry juice or elderberry tea on regular consumption is also famous for relieving troubling symptoms of irritated sciatica nerve. Drinking tea of celery leaves few times in a day also provides effective relief and promotes movement to alleviate the condition of the person suffering with sciatica pain. All of these are simple and effective home remedies for sciatica.

Hot and cold compresses are oldest and simplest home remedies for sciatica and relieve pain and stiffness effectively by improving blood flow in the area. Hot and cold showers are also very useful and easy ways of relieving sciatica pain.

Walking, brisk waling, curl down, back extension, back stretch and hamstring stretch are few exercises which work as wonderful home remedies for sciatica and are also recommended by doctors as effective treatment to the problem. Generally sciatica pain occurring due to over straining of the back or trauma is treated very effectively by means of exercises.

Yoga provides few very effective poses and exercises which are excellent in treating the problem. Yoga poses like 'Sukhasana' or easy pose, 'Bharadwajasana' or torso twist, 'Salambhasana' or locust pose, 'Adhomukh Svanasana' or downward facing dog and 'Upvishta Konasana' or wide angle seated and forward bend are few famous yoga poses which are recommended for patients of sciatica pain and have been very beneficial in curing the problem effectively. One should learn and master the ways of performing the yoga poses under expert's guidance to avoid any problem and for quicker and better results. These yoga poses are most trusted home remedies for sciatica.

Taking proper precautions is very necessary and important to avoid frequent occurrences of sciatica pain. In the morning for people suffering with irritated sciatica nerve getting out of bed in phases is a very good practice. Do not get out of bed in one movement, first get up and sit straight on the bed for a while and then put feet on the ground for one or two minutes before getting up. This helps in preventing irritation of sciatica nerve frequently. Avoid sitting for long hours in one position and do not strain the back either by too much physical activity or by lifting heavy objects. Do not keep wallet or any other thing in back pockets as these put strain on the nerve while person is sitting.

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