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Home Remedies for Ringing In Ears, Natural Remedy

Tinnitus is not a disease but its symptoms can be very depressing, irritating and troublesome, home remedies for ringing in ears are effective ways to reduce and cure the problem to avoid frustration and other complications to health initiated by it. Ringing in the ears is perception of sound which does not exist. The frequency of this sound can be a slight and low pitched ringing to very loud and high pitched noises. It can be in the form of whining, hissing, humming, crickets, roaring, locusts, songs, tunes or can be in the form of simple steady tone. Ringing in the ear can be heard in one ear or both the ears. People suffering with this problem complain about lack of concentration, irritated mood and lack of sleep. Tinnitus can be classified in two categories, one is objective tinnitus or ringing in ears, where another person can hear an abnormal sound coming out of the ears of affected person whereas another category is subjective tinnitus where sound heard by the person does not exist. Home remedies for ringing in ears are effective treatments to relieve the problem in a short time.

Causes of objective tinnitus mostly lie in the middle section of the ear, infection, blood flow, muscle spasms, damage to the ear and injuries are the causes of objective tinnitus. But for subjective ringing in ears there are many causes. External ear infection, acoustic shock, loud noises, loud music, cerumen impaction, Meniere's disease, lead or mercury poisoning, side effects of medicines like aspirin, NSAIDs, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and anti-viral drugs are few commonly found causes of subjective ringing in ears. Neurologic disorders like head injuries, skull fractures, multiple sclerosis, psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, and metabolic disorders like thyroid diseases, vitamin B12 deficiency, iron deficiency etc and other problems like Lyme disease, vasculitis, fibromyalgia, sleep paralysis and nasal congestions can also cause subjective ringing in ears.

Home remedies for ringing in ears can provide relief from the problem effectively caused by any of these reasons. Different people describe symptoms of tinnitus differently. Some describe it as ringing while others may describe it as hissing, roaring or buzzing. Hearing a sound which does not exist or an abnormal sound created in the ear is a clear symptom of tinnitus. This sound is regular and loud enough to draw the sufferer's attention and can even disturb the sleep and reduce concentration levels drastically. The sounds heard by the victims of ringing in ears can be low pitched or high pitched noises. Hearing loss to some degree along with ringing in ears is also a symptom of the problem. Home remedies for ringing in ears can cure the problem in a short time to prevent complications and do not contradict with any ongoing treatment or cause any side effects.

Cleaning ears with mineral oil is one of the effective home remedies for ringing in ears. Put some drops of mineral oil in one ear and with soft cotton buds clean the ear and remove ear wax. Repeat the same process for another ear to get relief from the ringing. Cleaning ear with mineral oil initiate proper ear functioning and alert the nerves carrying sound signals to the brain.

Take essential oil and mix few drops of it in boiling water in a bowl. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapors. Taking this remedy regularly promotes restful sleep and also provides relief from the problem of ringing in ears. It is one of the most popular home remedies for ringing in ears. Oils like rose, lemon, rosemary and cypress have been found beneficial in treating the problem when used with this remedy.

Hot water bottle can be very useful in providing relief from the problem and works as one of the easiest home remedies for ringing in ears. Put hot water bottle under the neck while sleeping, the hot compress provided by the bottle increases blood flow to brain and ears while sleeping and provide relief from the problem.

Take few pieces of onion and crush their juice out. Put few drops of onion juice in the ear and let it stay for 10 minutes, turn the head to other side to expel the juice out of the ear. Repeat the same process for another ear. It is one of the effective home remedies for ringing in ears.

Take a teaspoon of clove oil and heat it slightly, with the help of a dropper put few drops of the oil in one ear while lying down and let it stay for 15 minutes. Turn the head in another direction and let the excess oil flow out of the ear. Repeat the same process for another ear and later plug ears with a cotton ball. Take this remedy twice in a day for curing tinnitus. Taking this remedy before going to sleep provides better results in a short time. This is another one of the effective home remedies for ringing in ears.

Use of herbs like hawthorn leaf, bayberry bark, myrrh and gingko biloba is wonderful in treating the problem of ringing in ears. These herbs possess magical properties to purify blood, improve blood flow to ears and also improve functioning of nerves to cure the problem. Use of these herbs is one of the most trusted home remedies for ringing in ear.

Include cooked green vegetables, pumpkin, tofu, sunflower seeds, whole grains, mushrooms, peanuts, legumes, soybean, red meat, cheese, shrimp, shell fish, eggs, spinach, halibut, nuts and other poultry products in the diet for helping the treatment in curing the problem of tinnitus in a short time. The diet comprising of these food items increases the effects of the home remedies for ringing in ears to provide quicker relief. Completely avoid spicy foods, refined foods, tea, coffee, tobacco, beverages and alcohol. Do not use ear speakers and completely avoid going to noisy places. Take sufficient rest and sleep for sufficient duration. Exercises and yoga are also very useful and help in getting quick relief from the problem.

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