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Home Remedies for Quit Smoking, Natural Remedy

Surveys have revealed that nearly 80% of regular smokers want to stop smoking but due to one or the other reason find it extremely difficult to overcome the habit, home remedies for quit smoking are ways which help a person in reducing the urge and avoid smoking. Most or almost all of the smokers today are aware of extremely harmful effects of smoking, but not more than 5% are able to quit smoking for substantial period if not for whole life. There are certain strong reasons which pull a person back into the habit, nicotine addiction is biggest of them all, smoker's body gets addicted to nicotine and as and when level of nicotine goes down in blood person has strong craving to smoke. Rewarding psychological aspects of smoking are other reasons which stop a person from quitting, smoking gets closely linked to daily activities like socializing with friends, chat after a meal, relaxing, taking a break from work etc are few daily activities which strongly urge a regular smoker to smoke. Few theories suggest that genetic predisposition also plays a role as one can see that some people cannot stand smoking at all while some cannot pass a single day without it while few continue with occasional smoking for entire life without becoming habitual of it. Home remedies for quit smoking are ways to help a person to come out of the habit and stay away from it later.

Medical studies and statistics suggest that one in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. The combination of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the smoke of a cigarette raises blood pressure and heart beat and over a period of time raises chances of stroke and heart attack. Regular smoking can cut off oxygen and blood supply to limbs and in extreme cases can lead to their amputation. Tar present in a cigarette smoke is biggest cause of lung cancer in smokers, a 20 cigarette per day smoker consume 210 gram of tar in a year which is sufficient to cause an early death. Emphysema is another disease caused by tar in cigarette smoke, frequent bronchitis attack is commonly seen effect of smoking. Smoking increases chances in a person of getting a heart attack, lung cancer and stroke by ten times compared to a non-smoker. Smoking during pregnancy can cause low birth weight, prenatal mortality and prematurity spontaneous abortion.

Home remedies for quit smoking are safe and natural ways to help a person in avoiding cravings and stop smoking completely. When a person avoids cigarettes there are few symptoms which are referred as symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, these symptoms or rather changes pull the person back into the habit. Flu like aches, headaches, inability to focus, lack of concentration, sleepiness, irritated mood and fatigue are few commonly found symptoms of nicotine demand by the body. Most of the time people in habit of smoking cannot stand these symptoms and smoke. Sore throat, sore gums and tongue and cough and chest congestion may also occur in few people after quitting smoking. Home remedies for quit smoking reduce intensity of these symptoms and also cravings to smoke which helps a person in staying away form habit.

Consumption of cayenne pepper is one of the most effective home remedies for quit smoking. Cayenne pepper can be consumed in powdered form with the diet. Cayenne has rich anti-oxidant properties, it stabilizes respiratory linings of the lungs, desensitizes respiratory linings to tobacco and chemicals and also its taste is known to reduce cravings to smoke. All of these properties make it one of the wonderful home remedies for quit smoking.

Lobelia is another excellent natural aid to help a person in suppressing the cravings for cigarette. Person experiencing symptoms of nicotine withdrawal find lobelia as one of the excellent home remedies for quit smoking. Lobelia casts similar effects like nicotine, it occupies same brain receptors site, contains alkaloids similar to nicotine and relieves fatigue, irritability, poor concentration and promotes hunger. Use of lobelia does not cast harmful effects like nicotine and is recommended for people facing symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Eat oats regularly in the diet, oats are well known for reducing cravings for cigarette. Take one tablespoon of oats and add it to two cups of water and let it stay overnight. In the morning boil the mixture and consume two hours after meals. It is one of the beneficial home remedies for quit smoking and also for people who are trying to reduce number of cigarettes per day.

Ginger in the diet in raw form or in tea provides one of the simplest home remedies for quit smoking. Regular intake of ginger cures symptoms like nausea, vomiting, congestion and cough due to nicotine withdrawal, keeping small pieces of ginger always and sucking one whenever person feels urge to smoke helps in reducing cravings. Apart from these benefits ginger is good supplement of anti-oxidants which works very well for recovering damaged tissues and respiratory linings.

Consuming two to three slices of dried pineapple with half teaspoon of honey is another one of the trusted home remedies for quit smoking. This remedy reduces cravings and helps a person in overcoming the habit effectively.

Take one tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves and add these leaves to two glasses of boiling water. Let this mixture sit for an hour, later add a tablespoon of honey and glycerin to this mixture and mix all the ingredients well. Consume this mixture in 5-7 doses in one day by taking 50 ml of the mixture each time. This works as one of the most effective home remedies for quit smoking.

Breathing exercises in Yoga are reckoned as one of the best exercises to help a person in stopping smoking. Breathing exercises are very good for respiratory organs which are at receiving end due to cigarettes. When oxygen supply to these organs improve through deep breathes person automatically avoid smoking few times in a day. On the other hand these exercises improve concentration and mental abilities and also elevate will power of a person to suppress the cravings for cigarette. Breathing exercises work as useful home remedies for quit smoking.

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