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Home Remedies for Male Infertility, Natural Remedy

There are many factors which can negatively affect a male's potency and his capacity to impregnate a woman, home remedies for male infertility have been used since ancient times for curing the problem and have been successful to large extent. Among all the cases of infertility males have been found to be responsible in nearly 30% of cases whereas both male and female issues together contribute to 20% of cases which makes males partly responsible for 50% of total infertility cases. When a male is unable to impregnate healthy, active and fertile woman after one year of unprotected mating then medically he is regarded as infertile. In 80-85% cases couples achieve conception within twelve months of unprotected efforts. Home remedies for male infertility can effectively address all the possible issues which are known to cause the problem, naturally and within a short time.

There are many factors which can cause male infertility hormonal problems, lifestyle related issues, physical problems, psychological and behavioral problems, all can cause infertility in males. Some of the problems which can be caused due to hormonal problems and lead to male infertility are hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, hypogonadotropic hypopituitarism and panhypopituitafism. These problems are caused either due to lack of hormonal secretion or due to hormonal imbalance. Varicocele, damaged sperm ducts, torsion, klinefelter's syndrome, retrograde ejaculation and infections like gonorrhea, brucellosis, influenza, syphilis, typhoid, tuberculosis, Chlamydia, smallpox and mumps are physical problems which can cause male infertility by causing testicular atrophy or hindering transfer of semen from male's body to woman's body during mating. Psychological problems and behavioral problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, ejaculatory incompetence, exposure to environmental pollutants, smoking, alcohol abuse, use of recreational drugs, too much exercises, anabolic steroid use, stress, malnutrition and anemia are other factors which affect male fertility negatively and have been found sole cause of infertility in a male in many cases.

Home remedies for male infertility are effective treatments which can cure the problem caused by any of these reasons and without causing any side effects. When a male is unable to impregnate female partner even after regular appropriate mating for twelve months then medically male is regarded as infertile. People having problems like secretion of semen with urine, too much nocturnal emissions, pain or discomfort in reproductive organs during normal or excited state, lesser volume of semen, thinning of semen and low libido may also be suffering with infertility due to poor semen quality, lesser sperm count or lesser sperm motility. Though symptoms are indicative of possible infertility in male and proper diagnosis of the problem is needed before identifying the problem. Home remedies for male infertility provide effective cure to the problem by treating the root cause of the problem.

Pumpkin seeds have been used to treat infertility since ancient times. The seeds of pumpkin are rich sources of zinc and work very well for improving male reproductive system functioning. Since ancient times, pumpkin seeds have been used as one of the effective home remedies for male infertility. Take a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds and add it to a pint of boiling water, let the mixture stand for 20 minutes and later strain. Consume this remaining water, regular use of this remedy provides effective cure to the problem.

Garlic is also very useful and provides one of the simplest home remedies for male infertility. Garlic works as aphrodisiac which energizes male reproductive system it also helps in clearing blood vessels which also works well for keeping male reproductive system in upbeat health. Chew 4-5 garlic cloves in raw form regularly and consume, if one finds eating raw garlic difficult drinking down the chewed garlic cloves with a glass of water is an easy way of taking this remedy. Regular garlic intake is one of the easiest home remedies for male infertility.

Onion is another most easily available treatment for the problem. Onion works as aphrodisiac and is well known for increasing strength and energy of male reproductive organs. White onion are most effective and consuming raw white onion in salad regularly with diet works as one of the easiest and effective home remedies for male infertility.

Take one ounce of astragalus roots and mix them with a cup of water and boil the mixture. Boil the mixture till the whole mixture is reduced to half. Let the mixture cool down and later consume. Take this remedy regularly once in a day, this is one of the trusted home remedies for male infertility.

Asian ginseng is another potent herb which is used for curing impotency in males. Asian ginseng in proper doses alleviates hormonal imbalance as well as promotes proper and healthy hormonal secretion which cures problems hindering healthy sperm production. The dosage of this herb shall be worked out in expert's guidance, on regular use it works as one of the effective home remedies for male fertility.

Ladyfinger provides another one of the effective home remedies for male infertility. Take 5-10 grams of ladyfinger root powder and mix it in a cup of warm goat's milk, if goat's milk is not available then even cow's milk is beneficial too. Drinking a cup of this mixture regularly keeps male reproductive system in pristine health and counters ill-effects of hormonal disturbances and aging.

Carrots also work as useful home remedies for male infertility, asparagus, gingko biloba, ashwagandha, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, damiana and horny goat weed are other popular herbs which work very well for curing male infertility. The herbs shall not be consumed without taking expert’s advice and without working out their dosage properly. If used in proper dosage the herbs work as excellent home remedies for male infertility.

Avoid smoking, alcohol, inactivity and too much stimulation during the day. Yoga and meditation are the best ways to calm hormonal fluctuations and imbalances due to physical and mental stress and due to anxiety and boost male reproductive health. Eat more fruits like banana, avocado, apple, figs and pumpkin for keeping reproductive system healthy. Celery, almonds, saffron and oysters are other very supportive food items for male reproductive system. Avoid lethargic lifestyle, long sitting hours, exposure to heat, tight undergarments and greasy and spicy foods.

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