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Home Remedies for Lumbago, Natural Remedy

Low back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders which can be acute, sub-acute and chronic in duration, home remedies for lumbago are effective ways to relieve and prevent its occurrences. Lumbago affects nearly 80% of total population once in the life, most of the time the pain caused in lower back is due to unknown reasons and goes away within 6 weeks in 90% of the total cases but in some cases it can last even longer. One needs to diagnose the pain and its origin to conclude the real cause of the problem. Home remedies for lumbago are known to show significant improvement in the condition and are also very effective in preventing its reoccurrences.

There are many causes of lumbago osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, spinal disc herniation, thoracic or lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, fractures, leg length difference, restricted hip motion, misaligned pelvis, abnormal foot pronation and scheurmann's kyphosis are mechanical causes of lumbago. Rheumatoid arthritis, infection and disease like ankylosing spondylitis, oxygen deprivation, depression, bone tumors, spinal tumors, pelvic disease, prostrate cancer, wrong postures and other types of injuries are other reasons of lumbago. Simple reasons like improper bed, too much sitting work, slouching, sprains in the back and strained back muscles either due to over activity or exercises also cause lumbago. The pain in lumbago does not equate to the amount of damage, a person might feel incapacitating pain due to mere muscle pull but another may go painless even after having herniated disc. The exact cause of lumbago is mostly difficult to diagnose due to complex formation of low back region.

Home remedies for lumbago provide effective treatment to relieve the pain and promote smooth movement in a short time. Stiffness, discomfort or pain while getting up or sitting down or changing posture in the lower back is a symptom of lumbago. One can experience sharp and excruciating pain or it can be a dull ache. Pain or restricted movement while bending down or lifting objects from the floor are also symptom of low back pain. Low back pain can also occur like a dull ache which may or may not get aggravated by movement. If lumbago accompanies any of the symptoms like fever, chills, substantial weakness in legs, sudden weight loss, abdominal pain, bowel or urine incontinence then lumbago is a symptom of serious underlying medical condition which needs immediate medical attention. Home remedies for lumbago have been found very effective in relieving pain and other troubling symptoms to reduce the agony and promote smooth movement.

Garlic is very useful and provides couple of effective home remedies for lumbago. The simplest remedy for lumbago is by chewing two to three garlic cloves as first thing in the morning followed by a glass of water. Garlic oil has been used as effective treatment since ancient times for curing lumbago. Prepare garlic oil by mixing 10-12 cloves of garlic with 60 ml of mustard, coconut or sesame oil. Heat this mixture till garlic cloves turn brown. Later let the oil cool down and strain garlic cloves out. Use the remaining oil for massaging the lower back region vigorously. Let the oil stay for 2-3 hours and later take a hot water bath. Both of these work as effective home remedies for lumbago.

Another one of the most effective home remedies for lumbago can be prepared by soaking 60 gm of wheat with a glass of water overnight. In the morning add 30 gm of coriander and 30 gm of cuscus grass. Add this mixture to 250 ml of milk and boil this final mixture for few minutes on a low flame. Let the mixture boil till it is reduced to 2/3 of the original volume. Later strain and drink the remaining fluid once in a day. Take this remedy regularly to cure lumbago in a short time. This is one of the popular home remedies for lumbago in Ayurveda.

Regular cup of tea also provides one of the simplest home remedies for lumbago. Just add 5 cloves, 5 black pepper corns and 1 gram of dry ginger, boil these along with tea leaves and strain and drink two to three cups everyday. Consuming two teaspoons of honey in the morning after mixing it with a glass of lukewarm water also provides effective relief from the problem and works as one of the simplest home remedies for lumbago.

Take 10-12 holy basil leaves and add these to cup of water. Let this mixture boil till the water is reduced to half. Later let the mixture cool down and add half teaspoon of common salt to the mixture and consume it once in a day. Holy basil leaves also work as one of the excellent home remedies for lumbago.

Take a small piece of potato and cut it into small pieces Boil these pieces with a glass of water, later mesh the boiled pieces and when the paste is bearably hot spread it on a cloth and tie it to the lower back region. This works as one of the wonderful home remedies for lumbago. Consuming lemon juice after adding a teaspoon of salt few times in a day, is also one of the simple and easiest home remedies for lumbago.

Massages are effective ways to treat the problem of lumbago. Massages with mint oil or turpentine oil are recommended for people suffering with low back pain or lumbago. The effects of the oils and the blood circulation and muscle strengthening provided by massages work very efficiently to cure the problem and provide easy and smooth movement of the back.

Regular exercises like walking, brisk walking, jogging and aerobics according to body's capacity are other ways of keeping the problem at bay and also curing the existing problem. Certain precautions like avoiding long sitting hours and slouching while watching TV or sitting on a sofa also help in curing the problem and preventing it. Use hard mattress for sleeping and use pillow to support the back while sitting for long period. If one has to sit for longer period take a break after every two hours compulsorily to maintain proper circulation in the back and pelvic region.

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