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Home Remedies for Low Quantity of Breast Milk, Natural Remedy

Production of milk in lesser quantity is a problem which many breastfeeding mothers face, there are many factors which can affect the quantity of milk in a lactating mother, home remedies for low quantity of milk are effective and trusted ways to address all the possible causes and resolve the problem. Non-pregnant and non-lactating women have ducts, ductules and alveoli which are smaller in number during dormant stage, when a woman is in later stages of pregnancy the alveoli, milk producing cells, multiply and grow in number which increases size of breast and make it fuller. Many factors affect this growth and functioning of alveoli to affect the quantity of milk after child birth. For women producing lesser milk home remedies for low quantity of breast milk provide safe and efficient ways to cure the problem.

There are many reasons which can determine the quantity of milk a woman can produce, some of them affect before child birth while some can affect after child birth. Genetic factors, hormonal activity in the body of a female after puberty, hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycle, hormonal balance, long illness prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy and use of birth control pills are well known to affect production of milk in women. Breast surgery which has affected areola tissues or alveoli also affects production of milk. The factors which affect production of milk in lactating mother after child birth are improper feeding techniques, too much time between feedings, hypothyroidism, blood pressure, blood sugar levels or feeding the baby less frequently, these reasons are more commonly found causes of the problem. Women's body gets alerted about the quantity and frequency of milk removal from breast, the reasons which cause lesser consumption or removal of milk also cause less production, brain passes signals for more production of milk when it receives signals of breast getting emptied or is empty that is why even problems like cracked nipples or flat nipples also cause low milk production though these problems have got nothing to do with production.

Home remedies for low quantity of milk can resolve the condition easily and in short time. Newly born babies lose weight after birth but regain lost weight within 10-14 days, if baby is taking more time to recover weight then it can be a symptom of low milk production. Newly born babies gain one ounce everyday after birth and half ounce everyday between 3-6 months, lesser rate of weight gain suggest lesser milk consumption or lesser production. Baby consuming enough milk will pass three stools per day and from fifth day of birth stools will change its color to yellow-mustard, if stools are less and color does not change by fifth day it suggests lesser milk production. Baby takes eight to ten feedings per day after every two to three hours, lesser demand of milk can be due to less production and can even cause less production. Home remedies for low quantity of breast milk are easy and simple ways which can alleviate the condition effectively.

Use breast pump to express remaining milk out between feedings, when breasts are empty brain triggers mammary glands to produce and fill the breasts once again for next feeding. This gradually increases production and work as one of the simplest home remedies for low quantity of milk.

Cover the entire breast area with a towel soaked in warm water. Check for temperature level and wring the towel before applying it to allow the excess water to flow out. The warmth before feeding facilitates flow of milk which allows the baby to consume more quantity with ease, this works as one of the useful home remedies for low quantity of breast milk.

Check for proper feeding techniques, sometimes lactating mothers do not hold the baby while feeding in proper position which does not allow the baby to press the areola tissues, this prevents proper flow of milk and baby gets irritated and consumes less milk, lesser consumption leads to lesser production of milk. Proper feeding techniques and frequent feedings work as effective home remedies for low quantity of milk.

For internal treatment fenugreek has been used as one of the trusted home remedies for low quantity of breast milk since ancient times. Take half to one teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder and add it to a glass of water and drink it. Drink at least three glasses of this mixture in a day. This is one of the most effective home remedies for low quantity of milk.

Fennel seed tea is another one of the useful home remedies for low quantity of milk. Take one teaspoon of fennel seeds in powdered form and mix it with a cup of water, boil this mixture for at least 15-20 minutes, add a teaspoon honey to it and later drink it when warm. Take two to three cups of this tea everyday. This is another very old and one of the potent home remedies for low quantity of milk.

Breast massages are very useful home remedies for low quantity of breast milk. Massage breasts regularly in circular motion between feedings, start from shoulders and come downwards, gently squeeze the breasts as done in monthly exam. This stimulates mammary glands and clears ducts of breasts which increases milk production and also improves flow of milk.

Some herbs have been used to increase milk production in lactating mothers. These herbs can be taken as supplement after working out their dosage in an expert's guidance. Alfalfa, vervain, chaste tree and goat's rue are few famous herbs which have been used since a long time for increasing milk production in mothers. Use of herbs is also recommended as effective home remedies for low quantity of milk.

Eat well balanced and nourishing diet, do not consume any fat reducing supplement or medicine. Regular checkups for thyroid gland functioning, diabetes and blood pressure also help in identifying the problem. Ensure consumption of green vegetables, milk, all types of dairy products, fish and whole grains. Carrots, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts and beetroot too are very useful in increasing milk production. Include barley, rice, oats, lentils and peas necessarily in the diet.

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