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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones, Natural Remedy

Kidney stones are crystal aggregation formed due to mineral deposits ingested in the body through diet, home remedies for kidney stones can break the stone and help the body to flush them out of the system to avoid pain and discomfort complications to health. Kidney stones are very common in men compared to women, nearly 80% of people suffering with kidney stones are men. Kidney stones are classified by their location and chemical composition, these stones can occur in bladder, kidney and ureter and can be formed by calcium, uric acid, struvite and other substances. Mostly small stones are passed out by the body through urine but when these stones grow big in size approximately around 3 mm or bigger then these can cause blockages and severe pain. Home remedies for kidney stones can not only relieve the pain but can even cure the problem by helping in breaking down the stones and passing them out with urine.

The presence of certain substances in urine excessively causes kidney stones. These substances most commonly are calcium, struvite and uric acid. Tendency to form stones can run in the families and diseases like cystinuria which causes kidney stones can pass on from one generation to another and can affect men and women equally. Dietary factors are one of the biggest causes of kidney stones, people living in hot and humid climatic conditions also suffer with kidney stones due to frequent dehydration, metabolic disorders like hyperthyroidism and kidney diseases like polycystic kidneys are also other known causes of kidney stones. People suffering with frequent urinary tract infections are also prone to get stones. People having family history of kidney stones may also suffer with the problem, ph of urine also determines formation of kidney stones alkaline urine can precipitate calcium phosphate stones.

Home remedies for kidney stones can relieve the problem effectively and without any side effects. Pain in the belly area or sides of the back are first symptom of kidney stones, this pain can occur suddenly and can go away suddenly. The pain occurring in the abdomen or back can move down to groin area or testicles too. Other symptoms depending upon the location and size of the stone may also accompany the pain like fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, blood in the urine and abnormal urine color. Foul smelling urine or cloudy colored urine is a symptom of urinary tract infection which can cause kidney stones if occurs frequently. Complete stoppage of urination and frequent urination are symptoms of aggravation of the problem. Red colored urine signifies painless hematuria which is also a sign of serious condition. Home remedies for kidney stones are easy to use, very convenient and prevent the condition from deteriorating and cure the problem quite effectively.

One of the easiest home remedies for kidney stones is provided by tomato. Prepare a tomato juice a glass full and add a pinch of salt and pepper to it. Drink this as first thing in the morning regularly. It is one of the most beneficial home remedies for kidney stone prevention and cure.

Take 7-8 holy basil leaves and boil them in a cup of water, boil them for few minutes and later allow the mixture to cool down. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture and consume it, chew basil leaves well before swallowing. Take this remedy once in a day regularly to cure the problem of kidney stones. It is one of the oldest home remedies for kidney stones.

Take 2-3 small pieces of onion and cut them in small slices, add onion slices to 2-3 cups of water and boil the mixture. Later strain the mixture and remove the onion slices and add ¾ teaspoon of sugar and half teaspoon of salt to it and consume this mixture in 2-3 times in a day. This is another one of the useful home remedies for kidney stones.

Kidney beans provide one of the magical home remedies for kidney stones. Take some kidney beans and soak them in water and leave overnight. In the morning cut these beans into small pieces and boil them with 4 liters of water, boil them for 6-8 hours. Later allow the mixture to cool down and strain, drink one glass of remaining water and keep drinking a glass of it after every two hours. This is one of those home remedies for kidney stones which can break the stones and pass them off with urine.

Lady finger extract is another very old and one of the trusted home remedies for kidney stones. Take 4-5 lady fingers and cut them in small pieces soak them in water after covering the pieces of lady finger with a thick cotton cloth. In the morning press the pieces and take all the extract out and strain it. Consume the extract in 2-3 times in a day to effectively cure the problem. This remedy shall be taken regularly for long lasting relief.

Diet plays a very crucial role in preventing kidney stones, consuming a bowl of bran flakes provides nearly 8 mg of fiber which works wonderfully to prevent kidney stones. Consumption of whole wheat bread provides magnesium which is well known mineral for averting stones. Drinking carrot juice supplements the body with vitamin A, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, winter squash and milk are other food items which are extremely beneficial for expelling and preventing formation of stones. Taking healthy and supportive diet works as one of the best home remedies for kidney stones.

There are certain foods which shall be avoided compulsorily by people prone to kidney stones. Spinach, cauliflower, almonds, peas and soybeans shall be avoided, completely avoid smoking and alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water during the day. Eating two three apples and regular intake of celery are other excellent remedies to prevent formation of kidney stones. Precaution shall be taken in consuming foods like chocolates, beets, coffee, cola, nuts, parsley, peanuts, rhubarb and strawberries. Proper rest and sufficient sleep is very necessary for allowing the body to remove stones and prevent their formation. Walking and mild jogging are excellent exercises for stone prevention and yoga provides some beneficial exercises and poses which affect the right areas to prevent and cure kidney stones.

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