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Home Remedies for Intestinal Gas, Natural Remedy

Excessive gas formation can be problematic and cause for social embarrassment home remedies for intestinal gas reduce and control excessive gas formation to promote proper digestion and prevent its troubling symptoms. Intestinal gas is particularly produced during digestion of food. There are large numbers of carbohydrates which cannot be digested by digestive enzymes and when these complex food items reach large intestines they are digested by microbes present there which releases gas. Certain food items release gas during digestion as by-product. Excessive production of gas can cause bloating, flatulence, slows down metabolism and causes discomfort. Passing of gas through rectum in company may bring embarrassment apart from other problems. Home remedies for intestinal gas can control the production of gas during digestion and reduce the problem to provide relief in a short time.

The breakdown of undigested food in large intestine is the biggest cause of gas formation in the stomach. This gas usually passes through rectum and when produced in excessive quantity causes lot of discomfort. People in habit of consuming foods those contain complex carbohydrates normally have excessive gas formation during digestion. Consumption of certain types of food items which generally produce gas during digestion are other causes of intestinal gas. Swallowed air through breathing or while swallowing chewed food or drink also gets accumulated in stomach, mostly such gas is passed through belches but it can pass into large intestine and colon to come out as flatus too. Slow metabolism, poor digestion, food allergies, beverages, lethargic lifestyle, lesser water consumption and use of medicines like diuretics, sedatives etc are other well known causes of intestinal gas.

Home remedies for intestinal gas can reduce the formation of gas during digestion naturally and along with dietary control and healthy lifestyle can provide complete relief from the problem. Belching, flatulence, abdominal pain and abdominal bloating are common symptoms of intestinal gas. Some people also experience acid reflux due to excessive gas formation during digestion. Irregular bowel movements, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, appetite changes, feeling of fullness after eating small amount of meal and sleepiness or yawning after meals are other symptoms of intestinal gas. A healthy person releases gas 14 to 23 times in 24 hours, any number more than this is unhealthy and frequently passing gas with unpleasant odor signifies aggravation of the problem. Home remedies for intestinal gas can relieve these symptoms by controlling gas formation and prevent its side effects to avoid complications to health.

Ginger provides one of the most effective home remedies for intestinal gas. Soak a piece of ginger in lemon juice for 1 hour, add some salt to it and consume during meals for curing the problem of intestinal gas very effectively. Drinking ginger tea by boiling a piece of ginger in a cup of water is another effective treatment for improving digestion and reducing formation of gas during digestion. Use of ginger as spice in cooking is also beneficial in calming digestive disorders including excessive gas formation. Ginger provides few very useful and easy home remedies for intestinal gas.

Chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds after meals everyday for effectively curing intestinal gas formation. Aniseeds are also useful in treating the problem of excessive gas formation. Chewing few leaves of holy basil in the morning and consuming them with a glass of water on an empty stomach is another very useful remedy for excessive gas formation. All of these work as simple and effective home remedies for intestinal gas and also for other digestive disorders.

Drinking chamomile or peppermint tea instead of regular cup of tea reduces gas formation and improves digestion very effectively. This works as one of the simplest home remedies for intestinal gas and for calming bloating and pain.

In the case when a person needs immediate relief brewing a cup of tea by mixing leaves of coriander, caraway and chamomile is one of the best home remedies for intestinal gas. This tea has properties to control the formation of gas and provide relief from the troubling symptoms in a short time.

Apple cider vinegar is very helpful in curing the problem of intestinal gas and various other types of digestive disorders. Mix two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip during the meals or consume after meals. This improves digestion and allows food to breakdown in the digestive tract preventing formation of gas in the large intestine. Apple cider vinegar provides one of the wonderful home remedies for intestinal gas but never consume it without diluting as it is very acidic in nature.

Some people suffer with excessive gas formation due to slow metabolism or poor digestion, even lethargic lifestyle can cause excessive gas without any disorders. Squeeze half lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of honey to it, consume this at least once in a day and better if one consumes it right after meals. This improves digestion and provides relief from excessive gas formation in a short time. This is one of the popular home remedies for intestinal gas.

There is one very useful yoga pose which allows the excessive gas to pass out present in the intestinal region to provide relief and avoid bloating and flatulence during the day. Lie down straight on a mattress, slowly bring one knee towards your chest as close as possible, hold your knee with both hands and gently pull it further closer to chest. Release and get back to previous position, repeat same movement with other leg and after that with both the legs. Get up slowly, this yoga pose releases blocked gas and provides relief from troubling and embarrassing symptoms effectively. If done regularly this pose also works one of the effective home remedies for intestinal gas.

Consume fruits like papaya, banana, apples, pineapples and figs for treating intestinal gas. Use of spices like cumin seeds, caraway, ajwain, asafetida, turmeric and coriander in cooking is very beneficial for curing excessive intestinal gas. Eating rice and a cup of yoghurt everyday prevents excessive gas formation. Avoid foods like onions, beans, prunes, cabbage, radish, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cashews, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, turnips and lentils, as these are known for releasing gas during digestion. Mild walk after meals is another very effective way of curing and relieving excessive gas formation.

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