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Home Remedies for Immune System Weakness, Natural Remedy

The immune system protects the body from various bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins but very simple factors can weaken it, home remedies for immune system weakness are ways to keep immune system healthy and to remove weaknesses occurring due to various reasons. Immune system of human body works as protective shield and destroys harmful foreign agents and nullifies activities of toxins and chemicals getting produced in the body to keep body healthy and free of diseases. Weakness in immune system makes body prone to disorders and infections and also feeble against activities of toxins and chemicals, in such condition person falls ill frequently. Home remedies for immune system weakness naturally elevate the functioning of the system to cure and remove the weaknesses and maintain its activity to protect the body from illnesses.

There are many simple factors which can weaken a healthy immune system to make body prone to infections and diseases. Presence of too much toxins in the body is one of the biggest causes of weak immune system. Toxins are consumed by human beings with diet and water, body's normal functions also produce toxins, when systems designed to flush the toxins out get slow and sluggish it causes weakness in immune system. Other factors which cause immune system weakness are excessive physical and mental stress, lack of physical activity, nutritional deficiency, too much intake of sugar, salt and allergens, excessive alcohol intake, poor personal hygiene, dehydration or less water or fluid intake and obesity. Genetic factors have also been found to play a crucial role in determining the health of immune system in a person. Long illnesses which require intake of antibiotic medicines also cast negative impact on the immune system and weaken it.

Home remedies for immune system weakness are very effective in removing the weaknesses and reinstating the system in proper and upbeat functioning to protect the body from external aggressors. Symptoms of immune system weakness are not clear as immune system is not an organ, it is an interaction between many organs, structures and substances with the task of identifying what belongs and what does not belong to the human body and destroying whatever is foreign in the body. Frequent minor illnesses like flu, cold and cough, allergies, inflammation, slow healing of wounds, fatigue, lassitude, chronic diarrhea, slow metabolism and constipation are few symptoms of weak immune system. Recurrent infections like oral thrush, cold sores, fungal infection and yeast infections etc caused due to over growth of benign microorganisms which always exists in the body or outside the body on skin, also signify weak immune system. Some experts believe that formation of dark circles is also a symptom of immune system weakness. Home remedies for immune system weakness work wonderfully to cure the problem and remove hindrances which stop proper functioning of the body's defense mechanism.

Astragalus works as one of the most effective home remedies for immune system weakness. Regular intake of this herb generates anti-cancer cells in the body and supplements the body with anti-oxidants which protect liver, flush out toxins and inhibit activity of free radicals.

Take 4-5 garlic cloves and chew them well in raw form, consume these with a glass of water as first thing in the morning around half an hour before breakfast. Garlic is effective against 30 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and supplements the body with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Use of garlic in the diet as spice is also very useful and aids digestive system and works well for elevating immune system. Garlic provides simple and effective home remedies for immune system weakness.

Use of black pepper in the diet as spice is one of the excellent home remedies for immune system weakness. Pepper is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants and aids digestive system and works as wonderful decongestant. Sprinkle half teaspoon of black pepper powder on salad or add 1/8 teaspoon of pepper powder in regular cup of tea two three times in a day to keep immune system upbeat and healthy.

Take two bananas with glass of milk in the breakfast, this is one of the simplest and effective home remedies for immune system weakness. Bananas are excellent in maintaining blood pressure, supply potassium to the body and regulate body's water balance.

Consume vegetable juices, carrot juice is one of the best home remedies for immune system weakness. Consuming mixture of beetroot, carrot and spinach juice mixed together is beneficial in many ways including elevating immune system. Mix 300 ml of carrot and 100 ml each of beetroot and spinach juice and consume regularly once in a day for upbeat health and strong immune system. Vegetable juices are one of the most popular home remedies for immune system weakness.

Siberian ginseng is well known herb which is used as one of the trusted home remedies for immune system weakness. Siberian ginseng in wonderful in curing fatigue, lethargy, exhaustion and facilitates quick recovery from physical, mental and emotional stress, it is an adaptogenic herb, it improves functioning of adrenal gland, enhances immunity and protects the body from the activity of toxins. Goldenseal is another herb which has been used as home remedies for immune system weakness since a long time. Goldenseal has magical properties to detoxify the body by flushing toxins out of the system and enhancing immunity. It also has very powerful anti-bacterial properties.

Consume more of citrus fruits, tomatoes, cauliflower, pepper and banana to maintain and improve immune system. Whole grains, papaya, olive, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and sardines are rich sources of vitamin E which is also very beneficial for curing immune system weakness. Figs, spinach, beans, raisins, almonds and prunes are other foods which shall be consumed in sufficient quantities to cure immune system weakness. Exercises are also very useful and work as home remedies for immune system weakness by promoting blood flow and supplying white blood cells to all parts of the body. Walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics and breathing exercises in Yoga are some excellent exercises to counter weakness in immune system and maintaining its proper functioning. Regular exercises maintain proper excretion of toxic and waste matter from the body which keeps overall health and immune system in good condition.

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