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Home Remedies for Gout, Natural Remedy

Gout is medical condition which is characterized by recurrent attacks of inflammatory arthritis, home remedies for gout are effective ways to alleviate the condition and provide relief from the problem. Gout is caused by higher levels of uric acid in the blood, which occur either due to excessive secretion of uric acid in the blood or lack of ability of the body to flush the acid out of the system. The excessive uric acid crystallizes and these crystals get deposited in the joints, tissues, muscles and tendons of the joint causing pain, swelling and restricting joint movement. Gout is fast becoming a problem of serious nature affecting more and more people every year, experts believe that the increase in the number of people getting affected every year is due to increasing risk factors in the population. Home remedies for gout can control and relieve the problem very effectively and also prevent the effects of risk factors.

Renal under-excretion of uric acid is the cause of gout in 90% of cases while over-production of uric acid is responsible for causing 10% of total gout cases. About 10% of total population develops gout at some point of life however its symptoms and degree of the problem varies depending upon the severity of hyperuricemia. Dietary causes like excessive prurine rich diet, excessive alcohol intake, fructose sweetened drinks, sea food and inactive and lethargic lifestyle are also causes of gout. Genetic factors are also causes of gout, certain types of disorders if present in the family double the chances of the problem occurring in a person. The other medical conditions like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and other types of anemia, obesity, leukemia and kidney diseases also increase the chances of gout in a person.

Home remedies for gout are potent remedies to relieve the symptoms and treat the problem caused due to any of these reasons. Red, tender and swollen joint or joints are symptoms of gout, mostly big toe gets affected in 50% of cases, and the condition of gout can affect one joint or few joints of the body. Warmth in the joint and extreme tenderness in one or more joints are other symptoms of gout arthritis. Appearance of red or purplish skin around the affected joints which may or may not be infected and limited movement or gradual reduction in the range of movement of the joint are also symptoms of gout. The pain caused by gout usually gets intense in the night and can wake up a person from sleep. Sometimes nodules can occur on the elbow, ear and hands without pain or swelling. Though big toe joint is most commonly affected but knees, ankles, elbows, fingers, wrists and feet may also get affected due to gout. Home remedies for gout provide relief from all the symptoms and affect the problem in a short time.

Cherries provide one of the tastiest home remedies for gout. The person affected with gout shall consume 15-20 cherries everyday and preferably in the morning for few days. After regular consumption of cherries for few days one can start reducing the intake. It is one of the effective home remedies for gout.

Apple is another one of the useful home remedies for gout. Consuming one apple after every meal helps in relieving the symptoms of gout. Staying on a complete banana diet for 3-4 days is another very effective treatment for relieving symptoms of gout and bringing down uric acid levels in the body. Once pain and swelling subsides one can consume banana with regular diet to keep problem from aggravating. Both of these are simple and effective home remedies for gout.

Vegetable juices are not only good for health but one of the excellent home remedies for gout. Mix 100 ml of beet juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice with 300 ml of carrot juice, consume this mixture once in a day. This works wonderfully well for relieving the symptoms of gout and reduces uric acid levels in the blood.

Consuming lemon juice in the diet or by mixing juice of half lemon in a glass of water, few times in a day, also helps the body in dissolving the crystals of uric acid providing effective cure to the problem. Use of ginger in the diet in raw form is another very useful treatment for the problem. Drinking ginger tea prepared by boiling a crushed piece of ginger with a cup of water and later cooled and strained, consuming at least two cups in a day, is another very effective way of treating the problem. All of these are simple but effective home remedies for gout.

To relieve the symptoms during an attack drinking orange juice and water and nothing else is one of the best home remedies for getting relief and recovering from the attack quickly. Another one of the useful home remedies for gout during an attack is provided by ginger and water. Mix 1/3 cup of grounded ginger with water and soak the affected joint in this mixture for few minutes. This will cause sweating and will reduce the uric acid to relieve pain and swelling.

Juice of French beans also provides one of the useful home remedies for gout. Consume a cup of French bean juice everyday for at least a month to relieve and prevent gout attacks. Topical application of paste prepared by mixing mustard powder and whole wheat powder in equal quantities and some water also relieves pain and swelling of the affected joint to provide relief and promote movement. Soaking the affected joint in paste prepared by mixing a cup of charcoal with water and allowing the joint to stay in the paste for at least 20-30 minutes provides relief from pain and swelling. This is perfect remedy for gout pain in the leg joints but works well for other joints too. All of these are very useful home remedies for gout.

Avoid prurine rich foods like spinach, lentils, peas, meat, organ meats, asparagus, yeast and shellfish. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and white flour and white flour products completely. Staying away from consuming packed, fried, spicy and refined food is also very good for treating the problem. Consume lots of water this helps in increasing frequency of urination and relieves the problem effectively. Consume fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and sprouts in abundance to support the body for curing the problem quickly.

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