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Home Remedies for Glaucoma, Natural Remedy

Glaucoma can even cause complete loss of vision, home remedies for glaucoma are effective ways to control the problem and stop it from aggravating as well as curing it in a safe and natural way. Glaucoma is a condition where optical nerve which carries signals of image to the brain gets damage. There are many conditions which can cause damage to optical nerve, increased intra ocular pressure is one of the most commonly found condition causing optical nerve damage. The front part of the eye is filled with the fluid called as aqueous humor which leaves the eye through channels called as anterior chamber angle or simply the angle. This fluid is made in the back of the eye and due to any reason if the flow of the fluid is blocked or stopped it increases pressure to damage the most important nerve of the eye causing glaucoma. Home remedies for glaucoma are very useful and safe ways to cure the condition before it can cause further damage.

There are four major types of glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, angle closure or acute glaucoma, congenital glaucoma and secondary glaucoma. The causes for open-angle glaucoma are unknown and it is believed to run in the families. If parents or grand-parents suffer with open-angle glaucoma then chances of the same problem are high in children and grand-children. Acute glaucoma can be caused by dilating eye drops and certain medications, if acute glaucoma has affected one eye than chances for having attack in the second eye increases. Congenital glaucoma is present at birth and it occurs due to poor development of fluid channels in the eye. Corticosteroid medicines, diseases like uveitis and systemic diseases cause secondary glaucoma.

Home remedies for glaucoma can alleviate the condition and are very useful in controlling the damage to the optical nerve caused by any of these reasons. Loss of vision and development of tunnel vision which is caused due to loss of side vision is a symptom of glaucoma. Sudden or severe pain in the eyes, decreased and cloudy vision, nausea and vomiting and formation of halos around the source of light are other symptoms of glaucoma. These symptoms may come and go in case of acute glaucoma. Swollen eyes, redness in the eyes, tearing, formation of cloud in the eye, enlargement of one eye or both the eyes and sensitivity to light are other symptoms of glaucoma, these symptoms are also of congenital glaucoma which show up in child after few months if he or she is suffering with glaucoma by birth. Home remedies for glaucoma are safe and easy to use ways which have proven efficacy in treating the problem effectively.

Fennel plant is common kitchen ingredient and provides wonderful home remedies for glaucoma. Eat fennels seeds and plant in raw form with diet or as supplement to cure the problem. Take a teaspoon full of seeds of fennel and add it to glass of boiling water, boil it for few minutes and when mixture cools down strain the mixture and use remaining water as an eye wash twice in a day, these two treatments together work as magical home remedies for glaucoma.

Spinach also works very effectively in curing glaucoma and has been used as one of the effective home remedies for glaucoma since ancient times. Eat spinach in the diet as much as possible and also take spinach extract for curing the problem in a short time. Spinach contains cartenoids needed for retina and eye tissue which in some cases can even reverse the process to cure the problem completely.

Eyebright herb plant is one of the most trusted home remedies for glaucoma. The plant can be consumed with the diet and experts believe that internal consumption is far better than using the extract as eye drops or eye wash. Tea prepared by simmering the plant with boiling water can be used as eye wash along with consumption of the herb plant to bring in quicker and better results. This is one of the effective home remedies for glaucoma.

Gingko biloba is another herb which has been used since old times for improving vision and keeping functioning of the eyes in pristine state. Gingko biloba increases oxygen and nutrients supply to nerves and tissues to maintain their health and flush out toxins. If taken with zinc sulfate it slows down the progressive vision loss very effectively occurring due to glaucoma. This is another one of the effective home remedies for glaucoma.

Use of bilberry extract and herb has shown significant improvement in the condition of people suffering with the problem and it is used as one of the trusted home remedies for glaucoma. Bilberry has magical properties to strengthen and protect veins and blood vessels, reduces pressure in glaucoma and also protects retina. The dosage of this herb shall be worked out in expert's guidance.

Jaborandi herb is one of the oldest home remedies for glaucoma, it is believed that this herb has been used since last 120 years to treat the patients suffering with glaucoma. This herb contains pilocarpine which is very useful in treating the problem. Use of cayenne in diluted form is also very effective in reducing swelling and discomfort caused by glaucoma. Cayenne can be used as eye wash by mixing very little quantity with water. Taking vitamin E as supplement also works very effectively in preventing problems related to eyes and also curing the existing problem.

Drink plenty of water and consume more fruits and vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables to keep eyes healthy and avoid problem like glaucoma. Reduce tea, coffee and alcohol intake to minimum as these cast very harmful effects on eye health. Avoid watching TV late in the night and reading and writing, these activities on regular basis strain the eyes and deteriorates their health. Consume foods which are rich in vitamin A content, vitamin A is very beneficial for eyes and improves night vision. Vitamin C intake is also very useful and its increased intake is recommended by experts to keep eyes healthy and maintain their proper functioning.

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