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Home Remedies for Frozen Shoulder, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for frozen shoulder are effective ways to cure the stiffness and lack of movement occurring due to the problem. Frozen shoulder can occur to any one and at any age, shoulder is a joint of the body which allows maximum movement but due to the problem the range of motion decreases and whenever shoulder is moved it causes lot of pain. Shoulder joint is formed by humeral head, a ball like bone at the tip of arm bone and the glenoid a socket like part of shoulder blade, enveloping the ball and socket are tissues which are called as shoulder capsule. When the tissues of the capsule enveloping the shoulder joint becomes contracted the movement of the shoulder joint causes lot of pain and restrict the movement. Home remedies for frozen shoulder provide effective treatment to relieve the symptoms and allow smooth and painless movement.

Frozen shoulder occurs due to no reason, there are instances when people have developed frozen shoulder after a traumatic injury but it is not the proper cause of the problem as most of the people suffer with frozen shoulder without facing any serious trauma or injury. Some of the factors which are believed to be possible causes of frozen shoulder are, ageing, people above the age of 40 years are more susceptible to the problem of stiff shoulder, frozen shoulder affects females twice as compared to males, shoulder injury, shoulder surgery and immobilization of shoulder for long period due to any reason are possible causes of frozen shoulder. People suffering with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson's disease, heart disease and any other type of endocrine disorders and systemic diseases are prone to suffer with frozen shoulder.

Home remedies for frozen shoulder are effective and safe ways to relieve the symptoms and promote movement and cure discomfort in the shoulder. Frozen shoulder shows set of symptoms which help in diagnosing the problem after proper examination. The general symptom of frozen shoulder is restricted movement and pain during the movement. The pain can be dull and aching and poses lot of problems in day to day activities like wearing shirt, bras or combing hairs. Sleeping on the side of the affected shoulder is not possible due to pain. The problem of frozen shoulder occurs in stages the first stage causes more pain and movement is restricted to an extent but in second stage the pain eases out by a bit but stiffness or restriction in movement worsens. Home remedies for frozen shoulder are easy to use remedies to relieve the pain and discomfort and are suitable for persons of all ages and gender.

Hot and cold compresses works as one of the wonderful home remedies for frozen shoulder. Take common salt in a sock or in a bag and wrap few ice cubes in a towel, heat the salt bag on a dry pan, apply this bag on the affected part of the shoulder. Later apply towel holding ice cubes on the shoulder, repeat hot and cold compresses alternatively at least 10 times in one session and take three to six sessions in a day according to the severity of the problem. This works as one of the effective home remedies for frozen shoulder and relieves pain and promotes movement.

Moist heat is believed as another one of the effective home remedies for frozen shoulder. Soak a towel in hot water and wring the towel to let the excess water flow out. Cover the shoulder for 10 minutes and again dip the towel in the water to wrap the shoulder again. Repeat this few times and perform in sessions few times in a day for relieving the pain and promote movement. This is one of the easiest home remedies for frozen shoulder.

Massaging with warm mustard oil and garlic is also one of the useful and effective home remedies for frozen shoulder. Heat a tablespoon of mustard oil and mix few crushed cloves of garlic with it, let the pieces stay for few minutes in the oil and later massage the shoulder in circular motion with gentle pressure. Cover the shoulder with towel soaked in hot water or with simple towel for few minutes after massage. One can take this massage few times in a day to cure the problem and relieve the symptoms. This is one of the most effective home remedies for frozen shoulder which provides relief and also prevents the problem from reoccurring.

Consume flax seeds everyday for few weeks, one teaspoon of flax seeds can be grounded to make powder for consuming with the diet, flax seeds provide omega 3 fatty acids which are excellent anti-inflammatory and work as good aid to reduce swelling of shoulder capsule and restriction of shoulder joint. Use of olive oil, pumpkin seeds and avocado is also very good and work as useful home remedies for frozen shoulder prevention.

Strength training exercises are other very useful home remedies for frozen shoulder. These exercises shall be performed under expert's guidance and these have been designed to increase endurance and strength of shoulder joint. Exercises are carried out by using light weights, resistance bands and body weight and exercises are very effective in increasing strength of the shoulder to counter the symptoms of the problem and prevent further pain and stiffness.

Soak a towel in hot water and wring it to let the excess water flow out. Cover the shoulder with the towel and stay for 10 minutes. Later stand up and try to rotate the shoulder joint in all directions but do not stretch beyond the point of pain. While performing the exercise move the hand in all directions but as soon as one experiences pain stop the movement then and there and hold the position for few seconds, later carry out different movement. The idea behind this exercise is to increase mobility and since capsule of shoulder joint is contracted hence one should not push it beyond the point of pain. This exercise also works as one of the wonderful home remedies for frozen shoulder and increase movement of the joint and reduces pain. Mild exercises like jogging, brisk walking and yoga are very good for frozen shoulder and keeping a water pillow to prevent pain in the affected shoulder while sleeping also helps in handling the problem easily.

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