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Home Remedies for Fibrocystic Breasts, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for fibrocystic breasts are safe ways to counter the changes which occur in large number of women and cause discomfort and pain. Fibrocystic breasts or fibrocystic breast disease sound like a disease but this not a disease which is caused by any infection or malfunctioning of any organ neither occurrence of the changes suggest any abnormality in the breasts. These changes occur in almost half of women and usually show up around 30 years of age. These changes can be diagnosed by simple tests and examinations and also after considering medical history of the patient. Home remedies for fibrocystic breasts are useful and trusted ways to reduce the magnitude of the changes and also discomfort caused by these changes.

Causes of fibrocystic breasts are not fully understood however they are tied to hormone levels in woman's body. Estrogen, progesterone and prolactin hormone present in a woman's body are largely responsible for causing fibrocystic changes. These hormones affect the tissues of breast by affecting cell growth. Other hormones like TSH, insulin, growth hormone and growth factors such as TGF-beta also amplify and regulate cell growth. During menstrual cycle women has fluctuation in the level of these hormones, which is a normal process. The cumulative effect of the fluctuation of these hormones every month for a period of years causes formation of cysts or areas of dense or fibrotic tissues. These cysts and fibrotic tissues are non-cancerous. The formation of cysts and breast pain occurs around the age of 30 in a woman.

Home remedies for fibrocystic breasts can relieve the pain and discomfort and can also reduce the size of cysts and stop the formation of new ones to prevent further discomfort. Women with fibrocystic breasts feel fullness, heaviness and swelling in the breasts and also intermittent pain which may come and go during their menstrual cycle. As the age progresses women experience more apparent symptoms like lumps, cobblestone texture and pain in the breasts. The lumps are free moving and have defined edges these lumps occur mostly in upper section or in the outer section nearest to armpit. Dull and constant ache or short pain during menstrual cycle or even in normal days also occurs due to fibrocystic changes, and breast tenderness, periodic swelling and itchy and painful nipples also accompany with other symptoms of fibrocystic breasts. The symptoms of this problem get relieved once a woman has passed menopause, this is the reason why this problem is not categorized as a disease. Home remedies for fibrocystic breasts relieve the symptoms and provide effective cure to the problem if used regularly.

Take burdock roots, mullein flowers and dandelion roots one teaspoon each, also add half teaspoon each of cleaver leaves and prickly ash bark to a quart of water. Mix all of these ingredients well and drink two cups of this mixture everyday. This is one of the most effective home remedies for fibrocystic breasts.

Hot compresses of essential oils also work as one of the effective home remedies for fibrocystic breasts. Take half teaspoon of calendula flower tincture, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of ginger essential oil and 3 drops of chamomile essential oil, mix these in a cup of warm water. Later dip a cotton cloth in this mixture and apply on the cysts for 5 minutes, repeat this few times. Take compresses at least twice in a day and regularly to reduce the cysts and prevent formation of new ones. This is another one of the very effective home remedies for fibrocystic breasts.

Take a teaspoon of flax seeds and ground them well to form a powder. Sprinkle this powder on yoghurt or salad or any other food item, regular intake of grounded flax seed powder relieves pain, breast tenderness and prevents formation of cysts very effectively. Whole flax seeds cannot be digested by human body hence one should consume it in grounded form for beneficial results.

Cabbage leaves also provide one of the oldest home remedies for fibrocystic breasts. Take two cabbage leaves and cut them to match the size of busts. Tie these leaves on the busts for 20 minutes, regular use of this remedy reduces size of cysts and tenderness in the breasts.

Hot compresses are also soothing and work as one of the simplest home remedies for fibrocystic breasts. Hot compresses reduce swelling, pain and fullness of breasts and provide relief. Covering the entire chest area with a towel soaked in warm water is an effective way of relieving troubling symptoms of the problem. Application of ice packs on the tender and swollen areas of breasts also provide relief.

Some women have found hot compresses with rice as one of the effective home remedies for fibrocystic breasts. Fill a sock with rice and tie a knot on the opening end of the sock, keep this in an oven or heat the sock on a dry pan, apply when it is bearably warm on the tender points and cysts. This works as very effective treatment for reducing size, pain and growth of cysts and lumps.

Regular exercises works wonderfully well for preventing cysts and lumps and work as effective home remedies for fibrocystic breasts. Hormonal fluctuations are reduced due to positive effects of exercises, mild exercises or cardio-vascular exercises like walking, jogging and swimming are very beneficial. Breathing exercises described in Yoga are very useful in maintaining proper health of cardio-vascular system and supplying oxygen to all parts of the body which in turn works well for preventing hormonal imbalance in women even in latter part of their reproductive years.

Reduce salt intake to minimum especially during menstrual cycle, women during menstrual cycle tend to retain water and even normal salt intake promote water retention which promotes problems like fibrocystic breasts. Eating vegetables like parsley, cucumber and cabbage is very beneficial as these works as natural diuretics and healthy urine excretion helps the body in flushing toxins out. Eat whole-wheat bread, brown rice, beans and fruits in abundance to supplement the body with fiber, fiber works very well for keeping hormonal fluctuations to minimum. Reduce intake of coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine and alcohol completely.

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