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Home Remedies for Fever, Natural Remedy

Increased level of body temperature can be very harmful if it goes beyond body's endurance limits home remedies for fever are safe and effective ways to reduce down the raised temperature and protect the body from its ill-effects. Fever is a condition where body's temperature increases beyond normal limits. For a healthy adult body temperature between 98-100o F is considered as normal. The person affected with fever may experience feeling of cold in the beginning and once body is set at raised temperature level the feeling of cold is gone and one feels warmth and lethargy along with higher body temperature. There are arguments for and against the usefulness of fever, fever is normal response of the body to counter any infection hence some experts believe that efforts shall not be made to reduce moderate rise in the body temperature unless it starts to cross the danger limits. Home remedies for fever are easy and safe methods which are suitable to people of all ages and gender and work effectively to bring down body temperature within healthy limits.

Fever can be caused by various conditions benign to potentially serious. Infections like pneumonia, bone infections, appendicitis, skin infections, cellulitis, influenza, HIV, jaundice, malaria, osteomyelitis and tuberculosis, respiratory infections like flu, cold and cough, sore throats, ear infections, sinus infections, infectious mononucleosis and bronchitis cause fever. Urinary tract infections, viral gastroenteritis and bacterial gastroenteritis are other causes of fever. Children generally suffer with fever after immunization and while teething, such fever does not need any treatment and usually remains mild to moderate and goes away on its own. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease and vasculitis cause remittent fever.

Home remedies for fever are capable treatments which provide relief and bring down body temperature back to normal raised by any of these reasons. When temperature of mouth of a person scales beyond 99 degree F for a substantial period of time or the rise occurs frequently in cycles during the day then person is suffering with fever. The rise in the body temperature can accompany symptoms of malaise, redness in tongue, itching and redness in the eyes, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, body ache, dullness, cough and headache. Some people also develop temporary red rashes on the skin during fever. Certain types of fevers like malaria or kala-azar occur in cycles, periodicity of 24 hours is typical of malaria, certain fevers cause rise in body temperature which stays above normal throughout the day but does not fluctuate by more than one degree whereas remittent fever may fluctuate by more than one degree while maintaining the body temperature above normal throughout the day. Home remedies for fever can alleviate the condition by bringing down body temperature back to normal and also by relieving body aches, headaches and other symptoms of the problem.

For curing mild rise in body temperature ginger and raisins work as one of the easiest home remedies for fever. Take 10 grams of raisins and ginger and crush them together. Boil these with 200 ml of water and keep it boiling till it is reduced to 50 ml. Cover the patient with a blanket for at least 20 minutes and then drink this mixture and take rest for few hours. This remedy can bring down mild fever and also helps the body in clearing infection causing it.

Another one of the easiest home remedies for fever is provided by fenugreek seeds. Take two to three teaspoons of fenugreek seeds and boil them in cup of water for few minutes. Later strain the mixture and let it cool down, when it is bearably warm add a drop of clarified butter and drink the water. This is one of the easiest and simple home remedies for fever.

Holy basil leaves have been used since ancient times as home remedies for fever. Take 12 grams of holy basil leaves and add these to half liter of water. Boil this mixture for few minutes and allow the mixture to stand. Take a cup of this mixture and add half cup of boiled milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder to it and drink. Repeat this twice in a day and take proper rest. This treatment can bring down the body temperature within a day.

Take half teaspoon of saffron leaves and boil them with a cup of water. Later keep this mixture in covered utensil and consume one teaspoon of this mixture every hour till body temperature comes back to normal. This is one of those home remedies for fever which not only provide complete relief from fever as well as accompanying symptoms but also raises immunity level to flush out infection out of the body.

Drink a cup of fresh apricot juice after mixing a teaspoon of honey to it few times in a day till body temperature comes back to normal. This is one of the simplest home remedies for fever. Grapefruit juice mixed with equal quantity of water to make it one glass full, consuming this once in a day also works as effective treatment for fever. Drinking linden tea or willow bark tea are old and couple of trusted home remedies for fever.

Mix 15 grams of bloodwort with 250 ml of water and boil this mixture for few minutes, later strain and drink this mixture when it is warm. Take this remedy twice in a day, this remedy infuses perspiration which helps the body in flushing out toxins and infection and also brings the body temperature down.

Liquid and light foods shall be preferred over solid and heavy foods. Fruits, fruit juices and steamed vegetables are best diet to be consumed during fever. Vegetable soups mixed with beneficial spices like ginger, cumin seeds, turmeric, coriander and salt are also very useful in maintaining strength in the body and staying light on the digestive system. Avoid meat, chicken, fried, raw or refined foods. If temperature is crossing 102O F then keeping towel on the head soaked in cold water for few minutes and repeating it till temperature does not come down is very useful and sometimes works as life saving home remedies for fever. If temperature increases beyond 102O F immediate medical help shall be taken.

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