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Home Remedies for Female Infertility, Natural Remedy

Inability to get pregnant even after one year of unprotected mating with healthy and potent male is regarded as female infertility. Female infertility accounts to nearly 30% of total cases of infertility in couples and in other 30% of cases combination of factors from both the partners are responsible for preventing conception, this makes females partly responsible for nearly 60% of total infertility cases. The factors which can cause this problem in female can be broadly categorized into two, one the genetic factors and another acquired factors, but in most of the cases combination of genetic and acquired factors are responsible for causing infertility in females. Home remedies for female infertility are trusted treatments which have been used since ancient times to allow a female to become mother and enjoy the greatest blessing of nature.

Aging is one of the biggest acquired factors which can cause infertility in females, medically females are most fertile during age of 22 to 26 and later their fertility starts decreasing by every year and it decreases at much faster rate after the age of 35, tobacco smoking, use of recreational drugs, alcohol abuse, liver diseases, kidney diseases, radiation therapies, chemotherapy, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, obesity, being underweight, exposure to toxins, chemicals and metals like lead, ethylene oxide and dibromochloropropane etc are other acquired causes of female infertility, birth defects or abortions.

Problems hindering proper ovulation in females are other causes of female infertility, hormonal imbalances causes most of the problems related to proper ovulation. Female needs proper balance and combination of hormones to ovulate, in absence of this there are host of problems which arise. Malfunctioning of hypothalamus, malfunctioning of pituitary gland, premature menopause, scarred ovaries, follicle problems and failure to produce mature eggs are major problems caused due hormonal disturbances. Benign tumors of the uterus, cervical problems, previous surgeries, sperm allergy and thin uterus lining are other causes of female infertility. Even today medical science is not able to identify the root cause of female infertility in nearly 20% of cases.

Home remedies for female infertility are safe and natural ways to remove the hindrances causing the problem and have proven successful since a long time. Women experience many signs and symptoms which indicate possible infertility. Irregular menstruation, infrequent or light bleeding, excessive bleeding, less than 9 periods per year, absence of PMS symptoms, erratic basal body temperature and unpredictable period are symptoms of possible infertility in women. Unexplained chronic acne, oily skin and excessive hair growth that are not genetic are symptoms of sudden hormonal fluctuations which are also indicative of female infertility. Sudden pain and cramps in abdomen or reproductive organs during normal activities like lovemaking, periods and slight physical stress and frequent infections in the genital area are also symptoms of uterine diseases, tumors in uterus, uterus damage and pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause female infertility. Home remedies for female infertility are potent treatments which can control the causes and factors negatively affecting fertility in women without causing any side effects.

Banyan tree roots have been used since ancient times as effective home remedies for female infertility. This remedy shall be avoided during menstruation cycle and it is well known to show its results within six months of use. Take two three inch long piece of banyan tree root and dry it in sun, grind it to form powder and mix it with a cup of milk. Consume this mixture in the morning on empty stomach regularly apart from periods. This works as one of the most effective home remedies for female infertility.

Chaste berry is another herb which has been used by thousands of women for treating infertility. This herb can be consumed in extract or raw form and has shown heartening results. Chaste berry is well known to improve condition where a woman faces problems related to ovulation due to higher prolactin level. This is also one of the effective home remedies for female infertility.

Blackberry leaves are another one of the trusted home remedies for female infertility. Take handful of fresh blackberry leaves and grind them to form a paste by adding few drops of water if needed. Add a teaspoon of honey to the paste and consume the mixture once in a day. This is very potent treatment for curing problems causing infertility in women.

Egg plant is also very useful in curing the problem and works as one of the effective home remedies for female infertility. Cook egg plant in clarified butter and consume with buttermilk regularly for two months. This works as magical home remedies for female infertility.

For females suffering with the problem due to weak or thin uterine lining red raspberry leaves works as one of the wonderful home remedies for female infertility. Consume red raspberry leaves with warm water regularly and discontinue this remedy after conception. Increased intake of curd and cheese in the diet is also recommended as one of the simplest home remedies for female infertility.

Warm castor oil massage over abdominal region regularly works very well for relieving pain and discomfort during menstruation and regularizes periods. Hot compresses with crushed ginger and mudpacks over abdominal region are other old and trusted home remedies for female infertility. These home remedies for female infertility strengthen and boost up functioning of female reproductive organs.

Dong qui has been used in Chinese medicine for various disorders and problems including sterility in females. Take two teaspoons of dong qui herb and mix it with a glass of warm water consume this decoction once in a day. This herb works very well for strengthening and boosting reproductive organs.

Yoga postures are very good for keeping all the systems of the body healthy including reproductive system. Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana and Shalabhasana are few famous Yoga poses which are very useful in curing various problems related to reproductive system's health and removing hindrances preventing conception in woman. Eat well balanced and rich diet, include fruits, vegetables whole grains, nuts, sprouts in the diet and support these with vegetable oils, milk and honey. Stay active and hydrated, take a walk regularly to keep digestive system healthy and drink plenty of water so that body keep flushing toxins out of the system.

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