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Home Remedies for Endometriosis, Natural Remedy

Endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility in women and overall this problem affects nearly 5-10% of women during their reproductive years, home remedies for endometriosis are trusted and tested ways to alleviate the problem. The endometrial cells forming the lining of female uterus swell and grow bigger when hormones are secreted at the start of menstrual cycle, when these cells grow even outside uterus these respond to hormonal changes and behave in the same way as endometrial cells inside uterus do, this condition is referred as endometriosis and its symptoms worsen during menstrual cycle. The growth of endometrial cells outside uterus is called endometrial tissue implant, mostly, endometriosis has tissue implants on ovaries, rectum, bladder and on the lining of pelvic area though it can occur in other areas too. On aggravation of the problem women is at higher risk of developing fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, under activity of thyroid gland and depression. Home remedies for endometriosis can control and cure the problem in safe and natural way.

The exact cause of endometriosis is unknown but according to most popular theory retrograde menstruation is the biggest cause of the problem. When a woman shed endometrial cells during periods some of the cells flow back towards fallopian tube to the pelvis where they implant and grow. Endometriosis can run in the families, a woman having mother or sister with this problem is at higher risk of getting this problem. Though the symptoms of the problem usually occur between ages of 25 to 35 but the problem sets in right at the time when regular menstrual cycle begins. Certain risk factors for the problem have been identified like women having periods for longer than 7 days, women having closed hymen which may not allow all the blood to pass out smoothly during periods, periods starting at young age and women without any child are at higher risk of getting endometriosis.

Home remedies for endometriosis are very useful and effective and can treat the problem arising due to any of the reason. Pain is biggest symptom of endometriosis which gets worse during or before menstruation. The tissue implants outside uterus also bleed a bit during menstruation and cause pain in pelvic region. Women suffering with this problem experience growing pain in lower abdomen and cramps one or two week before the start of menstrual cycle. Lower back pain that may occur any time, irregular periods, tiredness, heavy bleeding during periods, infertility and pain during lovemaking and during bowel movements are symptoms of endometriosis. Home remedies can not only relieve the symptoms but also control the severity of the problem, these remedies can help a woman to achieve pregnancy which gets hindered due to the problem.

Castor oil packs work as one of the useful home remedies for endometriosis. Rub castor oil on entire lower abdominal region and back and cover the area with a woolen cloth. On lower abdominal region apply hot packs or hot water bottle for 30 to 45 minutes regularly for 15 days. Do not take this remedy during periods and repeat after periods have subsided. On regular use this provides effective relief from the symptoms of the problem.

Clay packs are one of the oldest home remedies for endometriosis. Clay packs provide cooling as well as heating effects after drying, this works wonderfully for curing the problem. Make a thick paste of clay after mixing some water and coat the lower abdominal region with at least half to one-forth inch thick layer. Cover the layer with thick cotton cloth and let it dry off, let this paste stay for 45 minutes. Repeat this remedy once in a day and regularly for 15 days for effectively alleviating the problem. This is one of the effective home remedies for endometriosis which alleviates symptoms as well as helps the body in curing the problem.

Motherwort herb has been used as one of the useful home remedies for endometriosis since ancient times. Take a teaspoon of dried motherwort herb and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Let this mixture stay for 20 minutes and later strain and drink. Consume three cups everyday regularly for curing the problem. Intake of motherwort increases blood flow to reproductive organs and prevent blood clotting and poor blood flow.

Chamomile tea is another treatment which is one of the excellent home remedies for endometriosis. Drink two to three cups of chamomile tea everyday for curing the problem. Dandelion roots extract and rosemary extract are other useful herbs which provide magical home remedies for endometriosis and have been used since long time for curing the problem.

Take a teaspoon of flaxseeds and grind them to make powder. Sprinkle this powder on salad or mix it with the diet regularly for curing the problem. The omega 3 fatty acids supplemented to the body by flaxseeds are excellent in promoting estrogen secretion which alleviates the problem effectively.

Fresh leaves of goldenseal with salad work as one of the easiest home remedies for endometriosis. Goldenseal has excellent properties for treating the problem and provides relief from the symptoms. The extract of goldenseal is also reckoned as very effective but eating fresh leaves works as easier remedy which can be continued for longer duration. Chaste berry, burdock and witch hazel are other herbs which are used as home remedies for endometriosis.

Increase soy intake with the diet this is very useful diet for maintaining proper health of female reproductive organs. Include kale, cauliflower, broccoli and fruits in the diet and avoid chocolates, beverages and carbonated drinks for helping the treatment. Hot and cold water hip bath are excellent support to any treatment for curing endometriosis. Sit in hot water tub immersing region below naval for 4 minutes, later wash or sit in cold water for one minute. Repeat this 5 times and do this everyday for increasing the effects of treatment and also for helping the body in curing the problem. Mild exercises like walking and jogging according to body's capacity is very good, do not strain the body during periods.

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