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Home Remedies for Dermatitis, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for dermatitis are economic and effective ways to treat the troubling skin condition and also to prevent its reoccurrences. Dermatitis is classified into two types one which is eczematous and another which is non-eczematous, eczematous dermatitis reoccurs and is very difficult to treat once it settles in the body, it occurs when an allergen comes in direct contact or it is breathed in or ingested in the body through other means, non-eczematous dermatitis occurs due to coming in direct contact with the allergen. Dermatitis can cause irritation, itching, burning and in some cases can form blisters too. Dermatitis requires two-fold treatment to cure the problem, one is to avoid coming in contact with the allergen and another is treatment of the symptoms. Home remedies for dermatitis can cure and relieve the symptoms in a short time without causing any side effects.

Soaps, detergents, laundry soap, dish wash, metals like nickel, rubber, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, perfumes, weeds and creams can cause dermatitis after short or prolonged exposure. There are different types of dermatitis which are triggered due to different reasons. Dry skin causes atopic and nummular dermatitis, diapers cause diaper dermatitis, and few types of allergens can cause allergic contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. Fungal infection and over scratching a part of skin can also cause this skin problem. Seborrheic dermatitis is caused due to overactive sebaceous glands, celiac disease can cause dermatitis herpetiformis and varicose disease can cause stasis dermatitis. Home remedies for dermatitis are potent treatments to cure the problem caused by any of these reasons.

Different types of dermatitis show slightly different types of symptoms but few symptoms are more or less common in all the types. Redness of skin, itching, swelling, skin lesions, oozing and scarring are few common symptoms of all the types of dermatitis. The symptoms of contact dermatitis appear at the area which has come in contact with the allergen. The symptoms of neurodermatitis are restricted to one area like neck, wrist, forearm, thigh or ankle and very rarely in the genital area such as vulva or scrotum. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis vary from person to person but along with general symptoms severe itching is associated with this type of dermatitis.

Herpetiformis dermatitis forms papules and vesicles and causes severe itching, stinging and burning red bumps, these bumps appear symmetrically and usually appear on lower or upper back, buttocks, elbows, neck, shoulder, knees, scalp and rarely in mouth or close to hairline. Seborrheic dermatitis appear as greasy and scaly rash on the scalp which may cause hair loss at later stages and can also appear around ears, eyelids, chest, hairline, bridge of the nose, on eyebrows and upper back. Home remedies for dermatitis can relieve all types of symptoms effectively and also helps in reducing the reoccurrences of the problem.

Take handful of spearmint leaves and grind them well to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected part. Change the coat two three times in a day for dealing with severe symptoms, this is one of the home remedies for dermatitis which not only relieves itching but also cures the rash faster.

Take two teaspoons of sandalwood powder, add a piece of camphor to it and add few drops of water to dilute and mix the camphor and form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area topically and let it stay for few hours. This is another one of the effective home remedies for dermatitis.

Dust the affected area by first dipping a cotton ball in turmeric powder and applying liberally over the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric help in healing the rash faster and also relieve the itching and burning sensation. This is one of the easiest home remedies for dermatitis.

Take slippery elm, white oak bark and comfrey roots one teaspoon each and mix them in two cups of water. Boil this mixture on a low flame and allow it to boil for few minutes. Later cool the mixture and use to wash the affected part. Take this remedy regularly and repeat once or twice everyday for immediate beneficial results. This is one of the most effective home remedies for dermatitis.

Application of coconut oil on the affected part and allowing it to stay overnight is one of the simplest home remedies for dermatitis. Add two teaspoons of baking soda or oatmeal in one liter of water and wash the affected part. Though this does not work as curative remedy but is very effective in relieving the itching and burning.

Take green tea bags, all types of green tea are useful, dip them in water for some time and when tea starts flowing out take the bags out and squeeze the tea on the affected part and let it dry on its own. Repeat this remedy two three times in a day to effectively alleviate the problem. Drinking green tea few cups in a day is also very simple and effective treatment for the problem. Both of these work as effective home remedies for dermatitis.

Apple cider vinegar also provides one of the effective home remedies for dermatitis. Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area and allow it to stay for few minutes and later wipe it off with damp cotton cloth. Consuming two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar every morning after mixing it in glass of water also helps in treating the problem. Both of the home remedies for dermatitis provided by apple cider vinegar shall be taken simultaneously for quicker and better results.

Topical application of cod liver oil, vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel is also an effective treatment and work as one of the simplest and easy to use home remedies for dermatitis.

Include rice, corn, flaxseeds in the diet as rice and corn are low gluten diet which shows remarkable effects on dermatitis and flaxseeds supply omega 3 fatty acids to help the body in curing the problem. High zinc diet is also very beneficial, consume almonds, pumpkin seeds, whole grains and brewer's yeast. Increase intake of raw nuts, celery, onion, broccoli, cabbage and soybeans to supplement the body with selenium. Avoid meat and dairy products and wheat and rye for effectively curing the problem.

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