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Home Remedies for Cracked Nipples, Natural Remedy

Painful breastfeeding can be harmful to mother as well as baby but home remedies for cracked nipples can once again make breastfeeding a pleasurable experience for mothers. Soreness after breastfeeding is a common problem which many newly become mothers complains about, but most of the times this problem do not grow in the magnitude to hinder the normal process of breastfeeding. But in case of mothers having cracked nipples breastfeeding is a painful experience and its existence suggests that even baby is not getting proper and complete nourishment. There are home remedies for cracked nipples which can make women enjoy this most wonderful experience painlessly and also allow the baby to consume the most nourishing feed of his life properly and completely.

The biggest cause of cracked nipples is wrong technique of holding the baby while feeding. The angle and the level of the baby have to be proper to allow the baby to engulf the nipple and areola so that he can press the milk ducts to get proper supply of milk. When baby is not in correct position he sucks only nipple which is not sufficient to get proper supply of milk, lack of milk flow pushes the baby to suck harder which in turn injures delicate lining and tissues of the nipples. Improper removal of baby from breast after feeding also causes cracked nipples, mothers who do not allow the suction of the baby to relax before separating him from breast can get injured and cracked nipples. Babies suffering with oral thrush, having limited tongue movement and mothers infected with bacteria most commonly with staphylococcus aureus also suffer with cracked nipples.

Home remedies for cracked nipples are safe and effective ways to cure the problem in a short time. Normal soreness in the nipples after breastfeeding for first few days is not a symptom of cracked nipples but bleeding, pain and fissures on the nipples are symptoms of cracked nipples. Sometimes women have slightly swollen nipples or redness around them, it is due to the infection causing the problem, incase of infection causing cracked nipples one breast may become more painful than another. Though cracked nipples does not cast any negative effects on the quality of mother's milk but due to pain and discomfort mother suffers during breastfeeding the flow of milk gets hindered to negatively affect the health and weight gain of the baby. Women due to cracked nipples are unable to let-down the hind milk which is richest in calories. Home remedies for cracked nipples can resolve the condition completely and provide quick and effective treatment to the problem, these treatments are safe and suitable for mother and baby both.

Placing the baby in proper position is one of the best home remedies for cracked nipples as this is the biggest cause of the problem. Baby should be held in a position where he can suckle more, mother should stay in a comfortable position so that baby is held firmly at correct level throughout the feeding. While separating baby from the nipple wait for the suction of the baby to relax. These precautions and care work as effective home remedies for cracked nipples and prevent them from occurring.

Rubbing maternal milk on the nipples is one of the most effective home remedies for cracked nipples. Squeeze few drops of milk from the breast and rub it on the nipple, let the milk stay and dry out, milk itself heals the cracks and cuts on the nipples very fast.

Take two to three teaspoons of chamomile powder and simmer in a glass of boiling water for at least 20 minutes. When this mixture is bearably warm wash breasts with this, let the mixture dry on its own and later wipe off with damp towel. Repeat this remedy few times in a day and regularly for one week, this is one of the useful home remedies for cracked nipples.

Application of almond oil, mustard oil or pure coconut oil before breastfeeding also works as one of the effective home remedies for cracked nipples, however one should wipe off these oils well before feeding the baby. Topical application of calendula cream is also reckoned as one of the useful home remedies for cracked nipples, this cream is safe and even if baby consumes a part of this cream with milk it does not cause any harm to his health.

Prepare a strong decoction by mixing 2 oz of Squaw vine with a pint of water, add equal amount of good cream to the mixture and boil the mixture to a consistency of soft salve. When mixture cools down apply it on the nipples after feeding. This is one of the most effective home remedies for cracked nipples.

Take handful of elderberry flowers and simmer in half cup of oil for 20 minutes. Olive or sweet almond oil are best for this remedy, later apply the mixture regularly on the nipples between feeding sessions. This is also one of the effective home remedies for cracked nipples.

Application of ice on the nipples before breastfeeding the baby relieves and reduces pain and discomfort. One can apply ice while changing sides, like while feeding with right breast mother can apply ice on left one and likewise. This remedy allows the baby to suck the milk comfortably and causes lesser pain to mother. This may not work as home remedies for cracked nipples but is very useful in relieving discomfort till the problem is not cured.

Always keep bra dry and expose breasts to air for sometime once in a day. Exposing nipples to sunlight initially for 30 seconds and gradually extending this duration to three minutes also helps in curing cracked nipples quickly. Avoid wearing bras for long hours and using nursing bras with flaps is better way of keeping problem away and curing it. Feed the baby several times in a day and if one breast is causing more pain than another than feed with lesser painful breast first and later with painful breast, baby after consuming some milk with healthier breast sucks the painful breast less vigorously. Keep changing sides frequently while feeding to avoid regular pressure on nipples.

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