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Home Remedies for Candida, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for candida are best ways to treat the problem which can play havoc on aggravation. Candida is responsible for causing many chronic illnesses and can affect almost any part of the body. The symptoms of candida can be experienced on the systems like digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, lymphatic and musculoskeletal. Most of the times doctors also get confused and treat the problem like psychiatric problem or problems caused due to over stress. Candida is a type of yeast which resides in human body in intestinal tract, mouth, genitals and throat. It performs many beneficial activities in the body but if starts to proliferate it can release 70 different types of toxins and it can burrow holes in intestine to get mixed with the blood to affect any organ of the body.

Two primary causes of candida are use of antibiotics and poor diet. Over use of antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria simultaneously which allows candida to grow rampant. Poor diet lacking in vitamins, nutrients and minerals and diet rich in starch and sugar allows bacteria and viruses to grow and multiply which also promotes growth of candida. Home remedies for candida can control these situations effectively to cure the problem. Use of cortisone, birth control pills, steroid type drugs, immune suppressing drugs, dental amalgams, ulcer medication, heavy metal poisoning, environmental toxins, excessive stress, antacids, bowel movements, chlorinated water, increased level of acid in the body and diseases like diabetes and HIV also cause candida growth. One can use home remedies for candida to suppress the problem caused due to any of these reasons.

There can be innumerable symptoms of candida, as proliferation of yeast can affect any part of the body and can show different symptoms. People may even experience problem in their digestive system one day and next day they might have problem in their musculoskeletal system. Abdominal gas and bloating, headaches, migraines, excessive fatigue, vaginitis, craving for alcohol, anxiety, craving to eat sugar, hyperactivity, mental confusions, lack of concentration, rectal itching, diarrhea, mood swings, eczema, sinus, constipation, muscle weakness, poor memory, persistent cough and many others are commonly found symptoms of candida. Yeast overgrowth is responsible for causing various types of disorders in the body but with home remedies for candida one can control and relieve these symptoms very easily and effectively.

Topical use of peppermint oil on affected areas is one of the most effective home remedies for candida infection. Tea tree oil also provides effective cure but it shall be used after diluting it to avoid irritation and should never be taken internally. Application of rosemary oil is also an effective treatment for curing fungal infection caused due to candida growth. All of these are effective home remedies for candida.

Garlic in any form provides effective home remedies for candida. Garlic has rich anti-oxidant properties which inhibit the activity of free radicals in the body caused by increased toxins released by candida over growth. It also possesses strong antimicrobial properties which help in restoring healthy balance of good bacteria and yeast in the body to cure the problem. Garlic can be used as spice in the diet, in raw form in salad or as supplement by chewing few cloves everyday for beneficial effects.

Apple cider vinegar also provides few effective home remedies for candida. Dilute one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and gargle with this mixture, avoid consuming it. Gargling with mixture of water and apple cider vinegar regularly cures the problem effectively. Application of mixture of water and apple cider vinegar topically on the affected areas is also beneficial. One can make a douche with apple cider vinegar. Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add it with two cups of water and a crushed clove of garlic. Let this mixture stand for 2-3 hours and later use it for douching the affected areas. These are old and trusted home remedies for candida which have been used since long time for soothing results.

Yoghurt also provides few effective home remedies for candida as it supplies good bacteria to the body to restore the balance between yeast and bacteria. Its increased intake in the diet is very effective for treating the problem internally. Women can use it for vaginal yeast infection safely by inserting a tampon dipped in yoghurt for quick relief and cure to the problem. It can also be used as oral thrush and as topical application for curing the problem in a short time. All of these are effective home remedies for candida provided by yoghurt.

Olive oil leaves can be crushed and applied on the affected area as topical treatment for candida. Grapefruit seed extract is also beneficial for curing the problem caused by yeast over growth. Application of cinnamon oil exposes yeast to an environment which in intolerable to it to cure the problem. All of these home remedies for candida are excellent external treatments of the problem.

Aloe vera gel is renowned for its anti-microbial and healing properties and provides effective treatment for candida too. Gel can be rubbed on the affected part to cure the infection and soothe the symptoms naturally and quickly. One can add few drops of lavender oil to the water to take tub bath for curing the infection caused due to proliferation of yeast in the system. These are also very effective and trusted home remedies for candida.

Diet can play a crucial role in curing the problem and if proper and supportive diet is taken it also works as one of the most effective home remedies for candida. Avoid sugary products, wheat, dairy products and gluten completely, cut down on fruits which contain high sugar content. Increased intake of vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beet, onion and garlic is very beneficial and helps the body in excretion of waste matter to prevent toxin buildup in the system. Use of extra virgin oil, consuming rice and millets and nuts like pumpkin seeds and flax seeds is also very beneficial and supports the body to restore healthy balance of good bacteria and yeast. Cashews and walnuts are also very good for people suffering with yeast proliferation.

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