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Home Remedies for Burns, Natural Remedy

Burn injuries need immediate attention as these can be mild to life threatening and can leave permanent marks, home remedies for burns can come to the rescue very quickly as these are easy to use and ingredients are easily available. Apart from ease of use the efficacy of home remedies for burns is their biggest advantage to cure the injury, reduce threat to life in case of severe burns, prevent proliferation of infections in the body through open wound and reduce the chances of marks on the skin. Injury inflicted on the body by excessive heat, electricity, chemical, friction, light and radiation is referred as burn injury, such injuries take lot of time to heal as the factors causing such wounds generally damage tissues and cells of a large area around the wound.

In case of deeper burn injuries body's defense mechanism cut off blood supply to the affected area, which provides easy access to infectious agents to seep into the body and settle on the wound easily, which aggravates the problem further. Home remedies for burns provide immediate treatment to prevent complications and also start the healing process quickly. Burn injuries cause pain with severe burning sensation, home remedies for burns are effective in providing quick relief to the victim from this unbearable situation.

Burn injuries occur mostly at home than outside. However most of the times injuries occurring at home are less serious than the ones which occur outside. Burn injuries due to steam, hot objects like frying pan, pressure cooker or hot oil, hot food items like tea and coffee, chemicals like bleach and acid, hot iron and burns caused by electric wires, short circuits and electric items like heaters etc are quite commonly seen injuries and part of day to day life. Falling over from a moving vehicle or slipping down while walking or running can also cause burn injury due to brushing of skin against road or hard surface. Over exposure to sun or to any skin irritant can also cause burn injuries on the skin.

Burns can be classified into three categories, first degree burn, second degree burns and third degree burns. When the area carrying a burn injury remains dry and cause pain, redness and mild swelling, it is a symptom of first degree burn. When affected area looks pink red or cherry red in color and causes severe pain and swelling and also produce blisters which can even break open to make area wet then it is a symptom of second degree burn. When affected area gets numb and cause no pain or burning sensation after a burn injury and appears waxy white or leathery brown or charred then it is a symptom of third degree burn. Home remedies for burns can alleviate all the three types of burns effectively and prevent aggravation of problem due to infections.

Washing the wound with chilled water is the first step to treat burn injury. Dip the affected area in chilled water if possible other wise wash generously with cold water to reduce the temperature of the affected part. This works as first and one of the most effective home remedies for burns.

Application of fresh aloe vera gel is one of the simplest home remedies for burns. Aloe vera gel contains excellent healing properties and it is a capable agent to prevent skin infections of all types. Coat of aloe vera gel on first and second degree burns helps them in healing quickly and also relieves pain and burning sensation to a large extent. Always remember that packed gel is half as effective as fresh gel, in case of fresh gel is not available then only packed gel shall be used.

Papaya also contains enzymes which can relieve the troubling symptoms and help the body in healing up the wound in a short time. Scrape out the pulp of papaya and rub on the wound like a paste and allow it to stay open, change this pack 2-3 times in a day to effectively cure first and second degree burns. This is also one of the trusted home remedies for burns.

Take a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of turmeric powder, mix them well to form a paste. Add this mixture to a tablespoon of yoghurt and mix again. Apply this as a paste on the burn injury. This is one of those home remedies for burns which can help in healing the wound very quickly and also relieves the pain and burning sensation to a large extent. This is one of the most popular home remedies for burns as it also reduces chances of formation of mark on the skin after the wound has healed.

In case of third degree burns, celery leaves extract shall be mixed with a cup of coconut oil and boiled for few minutes. Allow this mixture to cool down and once this mixture is at room temperature apply it on the wound to heal it faster and also to prevent infections. This works as one of the wonderful home remedies for burns of severe nature.

Another one of the most effective home remedies for burns can be made by mixing lavender oil with olive oil or almond oil in the ratio of 1:3. Mix these oils well and apply on the wound, repeat application at least three times in a day, it reduces pain, burning sensation and heals the wound faster.

Once the scab starts to form application of vitamin E oil on the scab prevents the chances of formation of marks on the skin and also relieves the itch which occurs when wound is healing. Tying slices of potato to the scab also relieves the itch caused due to healing up of burn injury. These also work as effective home remedies for burns.

Consume more of citrus fruits, green fruits, green vegetables, potatoes, broccoli, cereal and nuts, these form a very supportive and effective diet for curing burn injuries faster. These food items are rich in vitamin A, C and E which is very effective in aiding the body for quick cure. Foods rich in zinc like almonds, peanuts etc also heal the injury faster and elevate the immunity system of the body to prevent infections.

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